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ESTABLISHED 2022 SCALE OF CHARGES FOR SARATOGA COUNTY SEWER DISTRICT NO. 1 SECTION 1 - SEWER CHARGES IMPOSED Pursuant to County Law §266(1)(a), Saratoga County Sewer District No. 1 (“District”) hereby imposes sewer charges for 2022 upon all premises and real property, within or without District boundaries, connected to, the District’s sewer system. SECTION 2 - ESTABLISHMENT AND CONFIRMATION OF SEWER CHARGES Subject to confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors, this scale of charges may, from time to time, be amended by the District’s Commissioners. SECTION 3 - CRITERIA FOR ESTABLISHING SEWER USER CHARGES The scale of sewer user charges shall use the following criteria: (a) A user is defined as any piece of land upon which a building or buildings stand and is connected to an interceptor, trunk or collector sewer served by the District. (b) The annual cost of debt service, administration, operation and maintenance for the District’s treatment facilities will be generally allocated to all users. (c) The annual cost of debt service and operation and maintenance associated with the interceptor sewer, will be generally allocated to all users connected to and/or discharging into the system. (d) The annual cost of debt service and operation and maintenance associated with each major trunk sewer system will be generally allocated to all users connected to and/or discharging into the system. (e) A connection unit is defined as a single-family dwelling unit. Units include, but are not limited to, a single family house, each apartment unit (e.g. an apartment building with six apartments is six units), each half of a duplex, a cottage, a camp, a mobile home, and each unit of a condominium or townhouse. A “unit” as used for billing purposes will be 200 gallons per day of sewer discharge, or any portion thereof. No user will be rated at less than one unit. Users will be rated in terms of whole connection units. Each tenant with sanitary facilities within a commercial complex will be defined as an individual user. (f) For all users, including single-family dwelling units, equivalent connection units (E.C.U.) will be determined based on the following schedule which accommodates peak demand and potential flow needs: USER CHARGES: Single parcel: A. Vacant - no charge unless a lateral was requested and installed. If lateral is installed, a collector fee shall be charged for each lateral. B. Occupied - Residential (1) Single Family Residence a. 1 user, 1 collector as applicable. (2) Multiple Family Residence – Each separate dwelling unit in a two family, three family or multiple dwelling, which is not an apartment a. 1 user per dwelling unit b. 1 collector per dwelling unit as applicable (3) Apartments a. Each dwelling unit is assigned 1 user and 1 collector as applicable b. Subsidized senior housing - For complexes receiving Federal, State or municipal rent subsidies for dedicated senior housing, each 2 dwelling units will be assigned 1 user and 1 collector as applicable c. Proof of entitlement to the designation as senior subsidized housing will need to be provided by the user and will be subject to approval of the Sewer Commission; confirmation of continuance of the subsidy will need to be provided to the Sewer District by September 1st of each year. (4) Trailer Parks a. 1 user for each approved trailer site (5) Condominiums a. Each unit is assigned 1 user and 1 collector as applicable b. Charges will commence upon issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the local municipality for those units that the New York State Department of Law has authorized to be offered for sale. Common area facilities will be assessed to the owner of record as determined under provisions of Commercial Users. C. Occupied - Commercial (1) 1 Collector for each user COMMERCIAL USERS A. Restroom is defined as 1 toilet, sink and/or urinal to be adjusted proportionately for additional facilities B. Commercial, non-food User - 400 GPD/restroom, or 0.1 GPD/sq. ft., whichever is greater. Collector - 1 collector per each user C. Other commercial, food/gas, etc. (e.g., convenient store) User - 2 per restroom, or 0.1 GPD/sq. ft., whichever is greater. D. Misc. GPD Beauty/Barber shop (per chair) 100 plus 2 units for sanitary facilities Bowling alley (per lane, no food) 75 plus restaurant facility (see below) Camps, day (per person) 15 – 20 resort 65 - 75 Country club (per member) 25 Hotels/Motels (per room) no kitchen 120 (per room) with kitchen 150 plus dining facilities (see below) Day worker (per shift) 15 - 35 Dental office Apply A (SEE ABOVE) Hospital (per bed) 250 - 350 Institutions other than hospitals (per bed) 125 Bed and Breakfast - 2 units per bathroom 400 Schools Day (per student)/day care(per adult and child 10 cafeteria, add 10 showers, add 5 Boarding (per student) 100 Service station (per restroom) 400 Self-service laundry (per machine) 400 Shopping center .05/sq. ft (plus restaurant, see below) 1 collector per each user Swimming pool/beach with bathhouse 10 ((per person) Theatre indoor (per seat) 3 (drive-in (per car space) 5 Public assembly (per person) 3 - 10 Car wash (per bay) 400 Campground (per site) w/facilities 100 Seasonal Use (6 months or less), per site 50 Service: Ordinary restaurant ** (per seat) 35 24-hour restaurant (per seat) 50 restaurant on freeway (per seat) 70 tavern (little food service) (per seat) 20 curb service (per car space) 50 catering/banquet facilities - per seat 20 carryout food service (minimum of 3 users) **This assumes a minimum of 7 GPD/per person and turnover of 5x/day/seat Office building .1/sq. ft. or 2 units per restroom (whichever is more) Warehouse - storage floor space only .02/sq. ft. For all commercial users: where actual sewer flow is measured, that flow (one year’s record data) shall be used for determining an E.C.U. count with adjustments for discharge strength and content. The data is to provide cumulative and daily peak flow volumes; the methodology is subject to approval of the Executive Director. Users generating higher annual sewer flows than above schedule, the following rate table applies: Consumption (gallons) Connection Units Up to 112,500 1 112,501 - 187,500 2 187,501 - 262,500 3 262,501 - 337,500 4 337,501 - 412,500 5 For each additional 75,000 gallons or any part thereof, the number of connection units shall be increased by one. (g) When there is a substantial increase in sewer flows during the current year, the District may adjust the number of connection units charged and bill the user directly for that additional sum pursuant to Section 8. (h) Saratoga Spa State Park will be charged based on their 2021 measured waste expressed in E.C.U.’s discharged to District facilities. (i) Wastewater from wet processing and other operations is subject to the restrictions, prohibitions and surcharges outlined in the District’s rules and regulations covering the discharge of sewage, industrial waste and other waste into the Saratoga County sewer system and all sewers tributary thereto. (j) A user discharging B.O.D. or T.S.S. to the District facilities exceeding the amount allowed in the District’s rules and regulations will be charged $700 per dry ton for that excess per conditions of their discharge permit. (k) All costs of the District’s pretreatment and spill response program including, but not limited to, laboratory testing, labor, equipment, materials, consultants and sub-consultants, contractors and subcontractors, and fines, shall be reimbursed by the individual or user. (l) Outside non-residential users will be charged two and one-half times the rate established for the trunk system servicing that user, residential housing will be one and one-half times that rate. (m) Users of collection sewers turned over to the District will be charged for that portion of the District facilities utilized and at the same rate as the other users of the particular system. SECTION 4 - SCALE OF CHARGES The following is the 2022 scale of charges for the trunking and treatment of sewage. (a) The cost of the treatment facilities and interceptor sewer lines is allocated among the 23 trunk systems. The units for those trunks and the portion of the 2022 user charges based on those units are as follows: 2022 SEWER CHARGES UNITS CHARGE REVENUE (thousands) Ballston Spa - Village Ballston - Town Clifton Park Country Knolls - Clifton Park Country Knolls North - Malta Halfmoon Mechanicville Pruyn Hill - Halfmoon Riverside - Stillwater Round Lake - Village Saratoga State Park Saratoga Springs Saratoga Lake - Saratoga, Stillwater Wilton Greenfield Milton - Town Malta Cascade Service - Halfmoon NYSERDA Service - Malta Hemstreet Park - Outside, residential Saratoga County Water Authority Cold Springs Road - Stillwater TOTAL 3,290 1,772 15,682 1,143 1,981 10,114 3,140 643 1,169 412 117 13,602 1,121 5,110 550 2,423 6,048 1,946 84 236 30 16,100 86,713 $242.50 $242.50 $260.50 $252.50 $242.50 $276.50 $239.50 $249.50 $316.50 $287.50 $263.50 $246.50 $345.50 $274.50 $276.50 $242.50 $286.50 $239.50 $260.50 $338.00 $274.50 $249.50 $797,825.00 $429,710.00 $4,085,161.00 $288,607.50 $480,392.50 $2,796,521.00 $752,030.00 $160,428.50 $369,988.50 $118,450.00 $30,829.50 $3,352,893.00 $387,305.50 $1,402,695.00 $152,075.00 $587,577.50 $1,732,752.00 $466,067.00 $21,882.00 $79,768.00 $8,235.00 $4,016,950.00 $22,518,143.50 (b) The total user money needed in 2022 for debt service, maintenance and operation is $22,518,143.50. (c) The property owners served by the Sewer District will pay the established rate per connection unit listed above. (d) Property owners within the other trunks will pay the following connection charges based on E.C.U.’s: Saratoga Spa State Park $30,829.50 Saratoga County Water Authority $8,235.00 City of Saratoga Springs, including Geyser Crest, Crescent Avenue, Geyser Road, Floral Estates Saratoga Lake (within city limits) $3,352,893.00 (e) Outside non-residential users will pay two and one-half times the established rate. (f) Outside residential housing units will pay one and one-half times the established rate. SECTION 5 - COLLECTOR SEWER SYSTEM Collector sewer rates are generally based on the overall construction costs of the collector system together with debt service or operation and maintenance costs of the collector system. The number of collector units charged per E.C.U. is defined under the “USER RATES” The District’s collector sewer charges, exclusive of any trunk and treatment charges are as follows: SUMMARY OF COLLECTOR SEWER RATES Does Not Include Trunk and Treatment Charge Description Total Charge Ballston $50.00 Clifton Park systems served by Clifton Park/Halfmoon Trunk $50.00 Country Knolls system - Clifton Park $50.00 Pruyn Hill system $50.00 Halfmoon systems served by Clifton Park/Halfmoon trunk $50.00 Country Knolls North – Malta $50.00 Saratoga Springs (includes Kirby Road, Loughberry Lake, Crescent Avenue, Saratoga Lake portion of collection system, Floral Estates) $60,050.00 Sherwood Forest - Clifton Park $50.00 Riverside system – Stillwater $50.00 Saratoga Lake (towns) $50.00 Wilton $50.00 Greenfield $50.00 SECTION 6 - PAYMENT OF SEWER USER CHARGES All sewer charges, excepting those for Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Spa State Park, Town of Schaghticoke, Saratoga County Water Authority, NYSERDA and GLOBALFOUNDRIES shall be collected pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Article 11. The assessor of each municipality utilizing the town and county tax bills for the collection of taxes shall properly code the assessment roll as to the number of connection units for each particular property and for those properties utilizing the collector system. The assessor shall use the District’s formula to determine the units for multiple dwellings and commercial users of the trunk and collector systems. The City of Saratoga Springs, which includes the Geyser Crest, Geyser Road and a portion of the Saratoga Lake trunk sewer systems; as well as the Kirby Road, Loughberry Lake, Crescent Avenue and a portion of the Saratoga Lake collector systems shall each be considered as a single-bulk user and shall be so billed by the District. The city’s collecting officer shall determine the appropriate method of assessing and collecting its sewer user charge. This single-bulk user charge may be passed on to city residents as a city sewer rent and enforced pursuant to General Municipal Law §452. City payments shall be due quarterly by March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31, 2022. A late payment charge of one percent (1%) per month shall be added for each month or portion thereof until paid. The District shall bill Saratoga Spa State Park their 2021 user charges payable no later than May 1, 2022. The Town of Schaghticoke shall be billed by the District for service to the Hemstreet Park area of the Town on a semi-annual basis in accordance with the terms of the District’s Inter-municipal Agreement with the Town. GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Saratoga County Water Authority will be billed on a monthly basis based on flows discharged the preceding month per terms of their Industrial Discharge Permits. Payments by single-bulk users shall be made to the County Treasurer who shall reject any untimely or insufficient payment. The postmark date of a payment shall be evidence of payment. SECTION 7 - PENALTIES FOR LATE PAYMENTS Sewer charges shall be subject to the same penalties and interest applicable to County taxes generally. SECTION 8 - PAYMENT OF SEWER CHARGES NOT ON TOWN/COUNTY TAX ROLLS The District shall bill directly those users of the collector sewer system and the trunk sewer system not appearing on the town and county tax rolls. Payments shall be made to the District and forwarded to the County Treasurer. Partial payments will not be accepted and will be returned. The District shall also bill directly those users that have had an increase in connection units during the year. The County Treasurer shall prepare and transmit to the Board of Supervisors, on or before December 1, a list of District residents or property owners within the District who are in arrears in the payment of such trunk or collector charges for a period of 30 days or more. The list shall contain a brief description of the properties for which the services were provided, the names of the persons or corporations liable to pay for same and the amount chargeable to each including penalties and interest computed to December 31. The Board of Supervisors shall levy such sums against the properties liable and shall state the amount thereof in a separate column in the annual tax rolls of the various municipalities under the name of “county sewer charges”. Such amounts, when collected by the several municipal collectors or receivers of taxes, shall be paid over to the County Treasurer. All of the provisions of the tax laws of the State of New York covering the enforcement and collection of unpaid taxes or assessments for special improvements not inconsistent herewith shall apply to the collection of such unpaid charges. Such amounts, when received by the County Treasurer, shall be credited to the County Sewer District fund for the District’s exclusive use. SECTION 9 - PROCEDURES This proposed scale of charges shall be published in accordance with Resolution No. 174 of 1977 as amended by Resolution No. 174-09. Aggrieved persons may appeal such scale of charges to the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors within ten (10) days following publication in accordance with section three of Resolution No. 174 of 1977 The County Board of Supervisors shall thereafter act upon the proposed scale of charges and upon all appeals in one of the following ways: (a) By confirming the scale of charges by a general resolution; (b) By amending the scale of charges and confirming the amended scale by a general resolution; or (c) By committing the scale of charges to the Sewer District Commission for further study and consideration. By Order of the Saratoga County Sewer District Commission Dated: October 7, 2021 WAYNE A. HOWE, Chairman

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