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In 2006, sleep specialist Sara Mednick wrote an award-winning book, "Take a Nap! Change Your life." Now, 16 years later, she is following it with a how-to guide for re-charging your batteries while you're awake. Mednick, who lives in Kensington, California, is a professor of cognitive science at UC Irvine. She runs a sleep lab there that collects and analyzes data on people's sleep patterns ...

As an American, I find the idea of bowing (or curtseying) to someone abhorrent. And yet, after reading Tina Brown's revealing book about the House of Windsor, I bow to her. "The Palace Papers" is entertaining and illuminating, but not tawdry, even as she deals with all kinds of tawdry actions. Its theme could be "so many unfulfilled people." A monarch must produce an heir and a spare, but the ...

In 2014, Audrey Magee announced her arrival on the literary scene with "The Undertaking," a powerful and perceptive debut that illuminated some of the calamities of World War II through the separate ordeals of a German husband and wife — hers domestic on the home front, his militaristic on the Eastern Front. Eight years on from that debut, the Irish author returns with a follow-up. "The ...

It is an awful, uncomfortable yet indisputable truth that we, as societies and individuals, often treat differently those who look or love or sound or worship differently than we do. We don't always become suspicious, but too often we do. We don't always feel threatened, but too often we do. We don't always respond with violence, but too often we do. Sometimes these contrasts come purely from ...

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