The process that began with close to 25 agents looking to represent Brigham Young University guard Jimmer Fredette is down to five, with the family expecting to make a final decision sometime next week.

The search has been long and thorough as Jimmer's father, Al, and older brother, T.J., have spoken to former and current NBA players and general managers to find just the right fit.

"It's such an important decision and there were so many, that we wanted to make sure we get the right one that is a good fit for Jimmer," T.J. said. "It's not an easy decision. I don't know how kids do it so quick. It's one of those things, it's someone that is going to represent your career and really help put you in the right position or hurt you from getting in the right position. It's one of those things you don't want to rush."

When it comes to an agent, T.J. said the family is looking for someone who can represent the type of person Jimmer is and always put basketball first. Agents have given their last presentations and T.J. said the family will sit down to discuss the options, but ultimately, the final decision belongs to Jimmer.

Since his college career at BYU ended in March when the Cougars where eliminated in the Sweet 16 by Florida, Jimmer has taken advantage of his stardom. He's been on posters, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and pretty soon, he'll be the subject of a documentary chronicling his experience leading up the NBA draft.

"One thing I want people to understand is it's not something that's going to interfere with his basketball at all. He's going to be training, he's going to be doing all the things he would normally do. ... It's going to be one of those things that people will be interested just to see the process of what goes on for a player getting ready for the draft. It's not going to be Khloe Khardashian or anything like that."

All the exposure has raised questions as to whether fans may go into Jimmer overload, similar to what happened to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. T.J. said the family keeps oversaturation in mind when thinking about marketing projects. In fact, he said the family doesn't expect anymore deals until Jimmer signs with an agent.

With classes done, Jimmer has been preparing for NBA workouts with his uncle, Lee Taft, and a few other basketball skill people. Jimmer was invited to four pre-draft team workouts last year should expect more this time around. The NBA Draft is on June 23.

"First and foremost he's a basketball player," T.J. said. "All that other stuff is nice and cool, but he can take it or leave it. He loves to play basketball. And that's where his focus is going to stay."

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