GLENS FALLS -- Andrew Burgess is putting his best foot forward. Literally.

The class salutatorian, one of 185 high school graduates of the Glens Falls Class of 2010, will be headed to Colgate University in the fall to play football.

"Here I've been a running back, a defensive back, a kick returner," said the 18-year-old senior, shortly before receiving his diploma during the 119th annual commencement ceremony at Glens Falls High School on Saturday.

"Over there, I'm going to start out as a kicker. It'll be different. It'll be a challenge," he said, using one of the more popular action words of the graduation ceremony. Perseverance and possibility were some of the others.

"Anything is possible. I am living proof," said Jay Bobbin, a 1974 graduate of the school who delivered Saturday's commencement address. "You have a world of possibilities ahead of you."

Bobbin is a senior feature writer at Tribune Media Services and an entertainment critic at WGY radio in Albany. He said he received the support during his years at Glens Falls that put him on the path to pursue his dreams. He has interviewed musicians from the Beatles and astronauts who have walked on the moon, he said.

"I even spoke to Justin Bieber. My life has now reached one of its highlights," Bobbin said with a laugh, referring to the teen singer.

Bobbin told graduates he suspected they, too, have received support in ways they will some day realize that will also lead them on their own respective paths to the future.

During her valedictory address, Charlotte Guillet described the diverse paths that the 185 graduates will be taking.

"Some of us will be going to college; some will be taking a year off. Some will be entering the work force and others joining the Armed Forces," said Guillet, who will be attending classes at McGill University in Montreal. She said she plans to study anatomy and cell biology that will put her on a career path in the medical field - with a priority on being in a position best to help people.

She also offered two pieces of advice.

"Be involved in the world around you. And always walk on the right side of the hallway," she said to an auditorium filled with laughter.

She also sought to inspire her classmates, who she called the class of the next generation, to forge on.

"We are the voyagers of change. Now, let us go out and seize the day," Guillet said. "Carpe Diem."

The Class of 2010 paid tribute to former classmate Geoffrey Logan Sommo, who died when the members of the class were all children in the third grade. A pink Energizer bunny - which has accompanied the class on their journey from the third grade, was stationed at the front of the stage, in a tribute Sommo - and the class chose the ALD Foundation as this year's charity organization, in Sommo's memory.

The memories of the class growing up have nearly been overwhelming, Guillet said.

"It's been everything compiling into one big glob of happiness and drama and whatever else high school has had to offer," she said.

Burgess compared the class in the moment to what he has learned about watching fish.

"Fish will only grow as big as a tank allows them to," he said. "In a way, graduating is like moving on to a bigger tank in order to grow."


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