It’s time conservative voters get serious and get our message out. Vote endorsed/authorized candidate incumbent John Strough for Queensbury town supervisor in the Conservative Party Primary. 

John Strough has a history of commitment to the town of Queensbury in whatever capacity he serves. His knowledge of local government is full-scale encyclopedic. John Strough uses his talents and knowledge for the betterment of the town of Queensbury and Warren County, both officially and personally. He is more than generous with his time and knowledge. These are markedly conservative traits.

There is no question as to the logic behind Supervisor Strough being chosen the Conservative Party candidate. The process speaks for itself. After thoroughly vetting interested candidates, the WCCP unanimously voted for incumbent John Strough to represent the Conservative Party line.

Let me be explicit on the most important issue. The Conservative Party is not the Republican Party, the Democratic Party or any other party. We are an independent party. We play a pivotal role in the process of electing those committed to conservative values. 

The WCCP does not succumb to pressure from rogues who want to undermine and usurp our party’s principles by forcing unauthorized primaries while not committing to our core values or any other. Those involved obviously did not do their homework. Did they conclude that we would allow other parties to redirect the principles of the Conservative Party for personal agendas? Are they so idiosyncratic in their belief that we would not fight to preserve our party and its core values? Time for a fact check.

It is obligatory that fellow conservatives protect our party and its core values. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and vote John Strough for Queensbury town supervisor on Conservative Primary Day, Sept. 12. Vote “right.” Send the message loud and clear!

Carol Birkholz, chairwoman, Warren County Conservative Committee, NYSCP executive committeewoman