I’m a member of the Conservative Party and I’m glad there is a choice this year for Queensbury town supervisor in the conservative primary. I’m voting for Rachel Seeber by writing in her name on the Sept. 12 ballot because Rachel is a true fiscal conservative based on her record and her positions on the issues.

Rachel Seeber opposed the Queensbury town tax increase that Supervisor John Strough introduced. That is what conservatives do. Conservatives fight to keep taxes and spending low. Conservatives don’t look for ways to raise your taxes and spend your money. Fortunately, the tax increase was defeated. I want someone who will look for ways to save our hard earned money, not spend it.

For example, Rachel opposes the $10.5 million Warren County Airport runway expansion that John Strough supports. Rachel is trying to stop it. As a fiscal conservative, I support candidates who initiate programs to support private enterprise and job creation, but the runway expansion investment is not one of them. I don’t see how it will increase jobs and economic opportunities for the people of Warren County.

I’m concerned about the lack of transparency in the current Queensbury town supervisor’s office and do not like that audits and other information are being withheld. Rachel has said she will be transparent, open and honest, even if there is bad news. I believe her. I want someone who will keep the town board and public informed.

Finally, I believe in protecting the important principles established in the United States Constitution and believe voters should have a choice. This conservative primary, please remember to write in Rachel Seeber on the Primary Day ballot Sept. 12. She is the true fiscal conservative.

Mike Romeo, Queensbury