My daughter is 18 years old and she was so excited to register to vote. She believes in this right that many, many women fought so hard for. It made sense for her to register as a member of the Women's Equality Party.When getting ready to leave for college she wanted to be sure that her very first vote went to Rachel Seeber in the Women's Equality Primary on Sept. 12. She voted absentee and was very proud to support a candidate who believes in equal pay for women, who has spent years advocating for victims of crime, who speaks out to work as a team to end human trafficking, who believes in ending sexual harassment in the workplace, and she is proud to support a candidate like Rachel who believes that this is our government, the people of Queensbury. I have always taught my girls that you should speak up and out for what is right, and I am so happy to have a strong woman running for higher office in our community that is a role model to so many other women and believes in fighting for what is right. 

So Rachel, from one mother to another, thank you for giving not only my daughter but all women in our community a choice during this election in a political party that she is excited to be part of, and best of all, is seeing my 18-year-old daughter exercise her right to vote. I would encourage all women in our community to make their voice heard and vote Seeber in this primary and in the general election. It is time we have honest representation that young girls can look up to and believe in.

Christina Breda, Queensbury