July 12, 2016, the town of Thurman held a public hearing presenting local law No. 1 regarding a sole appointed assessor: 19 people in total spoke; 12 opposed; seven in favor. Aug. 9, 2016, the board voted 4 to 1 to move to a sole appointed, even though the majority of those who spoke opposed it. So much for a public hearing.

Jan. 4, 2018, the town of Thurman saw the face of a new board. Three members chose to throw caution to the wind and voted longtime employee Deputy Clerk/Assessor Susan Baker out with yesterday’s news. One did so carelessly, as she laughed, yawned and rolled her eyes during discussion. Another clearly stated he did not understand what he was voting on. That same male member asked for health insurance for himself after voting to take it away from a full-time female employee, the town clerk. However, the superintendent of highways would be “grandfathered” in, he is male. Thankfully, the former failed. This new board reduced hours of assistive employees and increased demands of offices.

These new members do not understand town governance. They certainly do not have the best interest of the town at hand, and I bet they cannot detail the equalization rate and the dynamics it plays in the local sector, yet here you have it, folks. The mockery of our town comes from ignorance. Ignorance can only be halted by educating yourself. Your board chooses not to be educated, but to further the turmoil, fueled by vengeance.

As a former board member myself, I cannot fathom. I offer this analogy: an immature member giggling, a former employee feeling entitled and a jilted former member pulling out all stakes. We all know who’s running the show.

It’s a sad day in Thurman. Will it ever end?

Kathy Templeton, Thurman