What can I write about now? I’m not giving Trump any more of my time except to say to the lady who told me that some people think he is doing a great job, that some people think that Elvis is still alive, too.

I am sad for all the people in Texas who have lost so much, but I’m grateful that I live in this area where we are rarely affected in that way. Maybe some day things like that can be controlled.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when there will be peace all over the world. There have to be people who will say enough is enough and it is time, but I’m sure that will never happen in my lifetime. This nuclear war talk is very frightening to me. Do people not know what a horrible disaster that will bring? All the money in the world will not save us or our planet if that happens. So beware. Why can’t the powers that be concentrate on making the world a good place for everyone with compassion and not greed to be the biggest, have the most or dictate their ideas of how everything should be, according to them?

That’s a dream that will never come true, because of what human nature is, but there are still those of us who can still hope in something coming good from a power bigger than a government.

Tillie Merrill, Glens Falls