About Charlottesville and all the other bigoted confrontations, we still are a deeply tolerant people. One in six newlyweds in America is married to someone of a different race. Look at adoptions. That may be the ultimate solution to the problem. With the considerable drop in U.S. family sizes and deaths due to abortion, infants are scarce and the desire to adopt by those in need far exceeds any concern about what they look like or where they come from. The U.S. far exceeds the rest of the world in acceptance. In a recent survey, it was determined approximately 5 percent of the U.S. would not live next door to a person of a different color or nationality. Compare that to France. A 2013 survey showed 22.7 percent of their people said they would not.

Education is so critical and bigotry can be cured just by day to day living. Take me, for instance, product of two different immigrant nationalities. Both parents were very biased. They couldn't help it, they knew no other nationality. Dad died leaving a destitute mother with three little children. His Italian side turned their backs on Mom. She was German. And, she had her prejudices, too, but they were quite amusing. She feared Asians. Why? She didn't know, she didn't know any!

I grew up with prejudices till I mixed with my fellow class and teammates at Cardinal Hayes High in the Bronx. And, whatever problems remained my daughter totally wiped out. Childless, she adopted two boys, both biracial. She didn't care, she loved them. I was concerned. How ignorant of me. I couldn’t be prouder now, one hired by GlobalFoundries, the other by Verizon. Does that not speak volumes about the evils of abortion and prejudice? All lives matter!

Gene Casella, Queensbury