President Trump seems to use the crudest, lowest, and most ineffectual form of leadership. He browbeats, threatens and intimidates to try to get his way with his fellows. Do as I say or I will fire you. Do as I say or I will insult you on Twitter. Do as I say or I will withhold funding. This is leadership more in keeping with street gangs than the Oval Office. If he has the capacity for any other types or styles of leadership, he has yet to display it. 

This is a problem because there are flaws in this leadership style. Because it's based off fear, it doesn't inspire loyalty. Because it's not based off of trust, it undermines unit cohesion and coordination. Because the leader has to beat people down to stay on top, those beneath them are usually dispirited, demoralized, and not performing at their best.

President Trump is a very charismatic individual who has a devoted following.  Those followers don't have to work for him every day. Those that do seem to be dropping like tenpins, as his cabinet is on pace to exceed President Andrew Jackson's in turnover.

Further, the Senate is proving more intransigent by the day. That's because they aren't intimidated by his bluster and don't see him as a superior, but a first among equals, like our Founding Fathers envisioned. 

He's not the first to try bullying to get his way in Washington; John Adams and others tried. They all failed. As I don't want Trump to fail, I hope he proves old dogs can learn new tricks and discover other forms of leadership.

David K. Sherwood, Fort Ann