I may appear as unkind and judgmental toward our president, as he is toward Muslims, Mexicans, women, immigrants in general, climate specialists, Democrats, poor people, blacks — the list is long. He is discriminating left and right in a country founded on tolerance and diversity. And if the IRS wanted to audit my tax returns, there’s no way I could refuse, unlike Trump.

Sometimes I suspect that we Americans are being held hostage when it comes to North Korea. We’ll get “side-tracked” on tax reform, medical expenses, immigration and racism; and when we disagree with the president, he then whips out the North Korea threat. How convenient. We worry about how the U.S. might appear unstable if there was an administration change amidst nuclear threats. But don’t forget that there exist procedures to follow in such an event.

Chain of command says that Mike Pence is next in line. “Disappearance due to death” has been the reason, historically, for installing a replacement president mid-term. But what about a president’s “absence” due to mental instability? Normally, I’m compassionate toward people who are, in some way, disabled. But this is our president for cryin’ out loud! Franklin D. Roosevelt was physically disabled, and he admitted it, and was still a great president. But Mr. Trump is operating under the illusion that prejudice is OK/acceptable in America. If Mr. Trump were black, chances are his earlier generation male relatives would have been lynched for their language and behavior around white women. Trump, though, gets away with it.

Nita Reynolds-Stansberry, Hudson Falls