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The Town Hall in the town of Thurman is under attack. Please, let's talk about some of the issues here. It all started with the reorganizational meeting in early January. The constant interruptions from "The rebellious newly-elected board member Gail Seaman" were nonstop and difficult to maintain order. Seaman even managed to have heated remarks with the town’s attorney.

In early 2017, when our previous supervisor ran out of a meeting, never to return, our elected board members took a deep breath, sorted through the mess and moved forward. That board did an outstanding job. The outgoing board members from early 2017 refused to answer any inquiries!

Fast forward to 2018, Seaman presented a stack of resolutions for consideration of the board; attacking key positions, slashing hours and positions. These actions will make it impossible for the town of Thurman to operate. These good people of Thurman, hard working friends and neighbors, are in some cases working for nothing, not one dime. I say, thank you to them! And now Seaman is going after those who volunteer!

Seaman claims, "We have no money." She fails to show any documentation to support her claims. I feel she should donate her pay as a board member back to the town. After all, Seaman wants everyone else to work for nothing. Hopefully, the other board members will not get lost in "Seaman's smoke screen" and research all issues before voting!   

Seaman states "that these actions are not personal." Her actions show a different picture. She is clearly not working for the town of Thurman or its people!

I am a strong believer of "free speech," but when Ms. Seaman speaks, it makes me want to re-evaluate my beliefs!

Keith L. Parent Sr., Thurman