Things are not good in Thurman. It is quiet but not good. The group of people who Don Lehman coined as "trouble makers" have their people in office and disruptions has stopped. They are happy. But as a taxpayer, I'm not. The current board does not stop spending money.

The budgeting and books are a nightmare. All money is broken down and coded for various uses within the departments. At the end of each month the books should be balanced and we should be able to see where finances stand. This is not being done and wrong codes are being used. We do not know where we stand within this year's budget and money is being used from our savings. There is no hesitation of spending over budget or on non-budgeted items.

Not budgeted for: An outside accounting firm for thousands; duplicate accounting software for thousands; unnecessary generator for thousands, taken from savings (selling our old without going out to bid); paying for a ban in addition to a bond for thousands; Whitespace bill that was not owed for thousands, taken from savings.

Over budget: For attorney; the water project for thousands; Town Board and supervisor.

The bookkeeper is working more hours each week than approved for. They have lost revenue from Whitespace and replaced equipment without checking on insurance coverage or warrantees. The town’s cost for garbage has doubled, and the planned revenue from the sale of the trash bags was slashed due to a two for one sale of the bags (that revenue was to offset taxes). Additional dumpsters are needed, but instead of getting them free from the county, they are rented.

Facts can be found online in the Thurman Informer.

Winefred Martin, Thurman