When will we ever publicize the real evil of obscene wealth? Why doesn’t anybody ever write about it? Yes, we hear about the 2 percent Bernie Sanders is always outraged at, and all the Trump haters who question his tax returns and how much he is worth, and all the Hollywood and sports world excesses. But why doesn't anybody ever publicize the real empty suits who hold the most obscene wealth in this country?

We hear glowing terms about Bill Gates and what he does for education or Michael Bloomberg donating millions to pet projects, but what about real concern for the needy of the world? Jeff Bezos of Amazon is worth $100 billion. Do you know what that is? One hundred thousand million. Can you even fathom that?

We have a plethora of billionaires, more than 60. In my judgment, they are empty suits. What they couldn’t do for hunger, poverty or catastrophe. When Warren Buffet dies, who does he leave his $80 billion to, a son? Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is 28 years old and worth as much. How much more does he need to amass?

If the good Lord would allow me to violate the Eighth Commandment, I’d break into the houses of these empty suits and relieve them of just $1 billion each. Would they ever miss it? I'd be on the next plane to Puerto Rico to donate $1 billion to fix their power grid. Then, the next plane to California to rebuild houses for all the devastated fire victims, or Houston hurricane victims or anywhere there is poverty. Then, to Africa or anywhere in the world to help the millions raped and pillaged and starved to death. Good Lord, where are our hearts? Extreme wealth is not success, it's sickness.

Gene Casella, Queensbury