I paid our Queensbury School property taxes today and sure enough they had increased exactly 2 percent over last year’s which is the maximum amount of increase allowed under state regulations. This seems to be a little game the district plays, whereas many other districts hold the line on budgets and come under the state maximum for their tax increases, Queensbury seems to hit the max almost every year. This means in 10 years they will have raised their taxes on homeowners 20 percent. One wonders how many of these homeowners have had a 20 percent increase in income in the past 10 years. With our flat economy, it poses an interesting question, and one wonders why the school district seems to continue to play this game. Perhaps it feels it is in competition with other schools such as Shenendehowa, which has a far larger tax base. Perhaps it thinks of itself as a quasi community college rather than a grade school/high school combination that is forever spending huge amounts of money on upgrades to its facilities that appear to be perfectly adequate for its enrollments. Queensbury even has a traffic circle within its campus, which I have been told is too small for its new fleet of 40 passenger buses to negotiate.

One wonders why the Queensbury School taxpayers do not get together one year and vote down the school’s excessive spending by voting down just one of their excessive budgets. Perhaps such a move might give the school board some pause in the 20 percent game they play every 10 year business cycle at the expense of their taxpaying property owners.

Steve Decker, Queensbury