As a Queensbury Ward 3 resident and voter for over 30 years, I feel qualified to comment on Mr. Irish’s work or lack thereof during his time in office. At first impression, Mr. Irish was an affable personality who could perform his elected responsibilities with the required commitments of time and effort. In reality, he has been “absent or unavailable” from the start.

The Ward 3 residents were never his priorities. My personal contacts with him about town or Ward 3 issues and concerns were always kicked down the road to someone else in the town. He never followed up personally. Mr. Irish’s priorities appear to be his political party and his self-interests. Like many other local politicians, they crave the power to find jobs and funding for friends, relatives and projects within their party ranks. Residents and voter needs and concerns come behind the party’s interest.

While the Ward 3 representative, John Strough, always placed his constituents’ needs and concerns at the top of his priority list. He continues to follow this approach as town supervisor. John is an excellent example and model of true representation. Doug Irish represents the political reality in Warren County and the town of Queensbury — party first, residents somewhere down the line.

Dan Gorney, Queensbury