On Jan. 20, The Post-Star printed a letter from Mr. LaCroix. I'd like to address a few of his statements: In Congresswoman Stefanik’s response to a Trump racist comment, I'm not clear on what comment was “completely inadequate and lacking moral decency and leadership.” Then he states Elise “has accepted campaign money from racists and conspiracy theorists.” Bold, appalling, nebulous, inflammatory, non-substantiated statements that have no place in a public forum.

Here are some facts showing that her independence and moral leadership is strong:

With a district larger than New Jersey, a population of over 711,000 and approximately 543,000 voters, Congresswoman Stefanik has reached out to 477,000 households via her Tele-Town Hall meeting calls. By using this tool to listen to constituents, Elise has heard from and spoken to a large percentage of district household voters.

Since taking office, Congresswoman Stefanik attended over 660 constituent outreach events. Her four offices responded to 150,000 constituent letters and fielded over 31,000 calls. Her staff recovered $2.2 million in VA benefits, and $1.2 million in Social Security benefits. This is how her leadership has benefited those in the 21st District.

January 2, the editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times, “Stefanik's independence: Congresswoman has spurned partisan politics” was published.  “Despite this partisanship and active silencing of different voices in the legislative process, our Republican Congresswoman, Rep. Elise Stefanik has shown independence. Rep. Stefanik has shown courage on several instances to stand up to the partisanship and vote in the best interest of her constituents. To vote against her party and for her district is an act in the spirit and practice of true listening and consideration.”

I'm pleased that Congresswoman Stefanik has strong leadership and independence, keeping her pledge to work hard for the people of the 21st District, aren't you?  

Steve Ramant, Hague