During my entire 36 year professional career with the Warren County Department of Social Services, I worried about how to help those that are in need. I could quickly determine if our elected officials were in office to further their own political agenda or to truly help all the people in our community. I am writing this letter to share with all of you what I know about Rachel Seeber. Rachel is running for town supervisor for all of the right reasons. This isn't about climbing a political ladder. This isn't about personal gain. Rachel is about doing what is right, speaking up for so many that for far too long have not had a voice, and she is about representing you, the people of Queensbury. For nearly two decades, Rachel fought for victims of crime at the local, state and federal level. She knows how to reform programs that are not effective. She knows how to help people navigate confusing government policies and procedures. She works hard to make sure that your concern is her concern. 

Our present supervisor has a history of bullying citizens who have spoken about their community concerns. He quite clearly has stated that he knows what’s best for Queensbury, no matter what the community expresses as important. Rachel, for the last four years as our at-large supervisor for Queensbury, has time and time again illustrated that she is only worried about you, the taxpayer, as she should be. I look forward to having her as our next town supervisor, and I am asking you to vote Seeber on Election Day because she is exactly what Queensbury needs. 

Doug Herschleb, Queensbury