So, Seaman Knapp thinks he's proven liberal bias in The Post-Star. Sorry, sailor. All you've proven is that you don't know the difference between a noble deed and a cheap photo op. Any nest-headed hustler who surfed into power on a wave of morons knows to dress his store-bought trophy wife in high-heeled sneakers and a ball cap so she can pass out a couple of bottles of water while looking pretty for Donald's photo.

That reminds me. Maggie A. wants to know when Melania will get the same amount of press coverage as Michele O. did. The answer, ma'am, is when she does something interesting. You don't get coverage just for being pretty. While we're chatting, ma'am, your little thing about the Democrats' banks being empty while the Republicans' are full is a terrible bit. Leave the humor to us libbies, okay? There's a reason Barrone Knobs calls us "adorables" and I must say, Knobby, if you're reading this, not bad! Really. "Adorables and deplorables." That's pretty funny! For a deplorable that is! Aw c'mon, I had to say that! But I digress. The Republicans, ma'am, are full for sure but not with any passable legislation or helpful ideas. And you, like them, think that to discuss climate change right after a disastrous storm is just politics. Wrong. It's about our future.

And I suppose you think that talking gun control after a mass shooting is "politics" right? 

A word about those two charmers who misunderstood Mr. Tingley's recent column on climate change. He wasn't saying these recent disasters were caused by climate change, only that they "may" have been worsened by it. What's moronic about that? Even Maggie said that warming oceans can worsen hurricanes.

That's my space. I'm outta here.

Al Scoonzarielli, Moreau