This is regarding Ed Ellis storing extra railroad cars in Essex County.

The writer adores Peggy Ellis, wife. School teacher Peggy Ellis is considering putting a story in her next book for children on the Saratoga and North Creek Railway about my 3-year-old dad William DeVol (born 1919, died 2014) riding with his mother on the same track between Corinth and Saratoga Springs. It was the D&H in 1923. Dad's first memory in life was of riding from Corinth to Saratoga Springs on the D&H, (a) hearing the train whistle and (b) laying on his mother’s lap, Susie Tomas DeVol (from Corinth). She died two years later. As a result, dad turned out to be a train enthusiast. 

The writer has followed in the footsteps of dad and serves as a volunteer in the North Creek Depot Train Museum under President Bill Bibby when not staying in the Adirondacks in the summer. The writer and minister's wife, Vangie are serving as missionaries in Davao City on Mindanao Island in the South China Sea.

Donald trump has created so many jobs already, because he is a businessman. Ed Ellis has an extremely thin line of profit. The writer is in favor of less government and leaving Mr. Ellis and Mr. Trump alone as much as possible. 

If the environmentalist cult in Essex County has a problem with empty and clean oil tank cars being stored out of sight except from the air, the cult should come here on my mission field on Mindanao Island in the South China Sea, where Philippine President Duterte declared martial law and deal with ISIS and the NPA (New People’s Army-communist) in the mountains. Martial law was declared because of real threats of the NPA and ISIS to the environment and the people who live here.

Thomas DeVol, Glens Falls