On Aug. 2 this year at 10 a.m., I was evicted from my apartment for an unpaid invoice of $45 owed for court costs, so said the Warren County sheriff standing at my door in full uniform. He gave me one hour to get out, then locked that door. No medications, no testing medical equipment for my diabetes, standing in the clothing on my back. No Meals on Wheels.  

Had representation from a legal organization in Saratoga Springs. They were ineffective. Spent the day in Crandall Library. My blood pressure went dangerously high. A young woman of my acquaintance took me home. Seven days later was permitted into my apartment for medications and clothing with two policemen on my porch and their cop cars at the curb. 

To those who have been concerned about me, deep thanks. To those who have been condescending, rude and cold, hope this never happens to you, as one has to have been through Nazi detention camps as I did during WWII to put it in proper perspective.  

I am a New York state literacy tutor, have been a Tri-County Rape Crisis advocate, have taken a child out of foster care and raised her quite successfully. Have raised six children, all college graduates at this time.  

I am ashamed of all of you who participated in this and those of you who were otherwise occupied to give me a hand. This was inhuman, barbaric, against all American values of which I know well being an immigrant here for over 60 years. Especially shameful of you at my age of 82.

Gunta Krasts-Voutyras, Glens Falls