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Years ago, I traveled from San Diego into Mexico. Fencing that had nothing to do with the border because it ran along mile after mile going south was littered with plastic bags windblown into the chain-linked backyards of Mexican houses. It was an unsightly mess. These homes were not dumps. I know it’s hot, but I wouldn’t permit it if I worked until I dropped. No place to dump the plastic, bury it.

In your Jan. 28 issue was a letter by Andy Caruso, who thinks billions for a wall on our southern border would be better spent on protection for consumer, environmental, financial, Social Security, Medicare, etc., any entity liberals (with our tax dollars) can think up. I’m pro wall.

In the same Post-Star issue was an article about a 14-year-old female citizen assaulted by a 33-year-old Mexican (over-staying his visa) right in our backyard, Washington County. This illegal agreed (aren’t we lucky) to an incarceration, then 10 years on parole. The article continues that the illegal faces possible deportation. Huh! Ten years on parole where? Possible deportation when?

Come on, people, stop even the occasional crime and a lot of drugs. Come on, Dreamies, see the light — you’re condoning a nightmare. Can’t use the word dreamers anymore — that has taken on a new meaning.

Karen Dewey, Corinth