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When I vote a person into office it is because of what they plan to do once elected. Gail Seaman took office in 2018 and the first thing she did was present 22 resolutions to undo any forward progress that had been achieved.

One resolution was to rescind the purchase of computers, a necessary tool. If one were to go through past minutes or videos of board meetings you would find numerous discussions about the necessity of these computers — Seaman was part of those discussions.

It is glaringly obvious that it is not about the computers or the spending, it is about a personal vendetta against those Seaman does not like; all of this being done on your dime. Seaman’s vendetta to try to hurt these people and offices is an abuse of power and does nothing for the town’s advancement. The only thing Seaman is successful at is causing divisiveness, hence hurting the town and its people.

Seaman’s vendetta doesn’t stop at town hall, though. Her personal vendetta extends to private citizens and their right to potable water, and she used her power as a board member to bring engineers and the town attorney to the March regular meeting; once again on the taxpayers’ dime.

Seaman cries “dire financial straits” but spends your money, propelling her vendetta only to find out that every home that was hooked up to the water system was done so legally and with merit. Furthermore, this meeting was a duplicate of one held the previous year where she asked many of these same questions.

The only thing I can see that Seaman has accomplished is making it difficult to make it through town meetings while draining our town of revenue. Because of these reasons and more, Seaman should tender her resignation effective immediately!

Kathy Templeton, Thurman