The Statue of Liberty holds a torch aloft in her right hand. It symbolizes lighting the way to liberty and freedom and has welcomed countless immigrants to this country. They have come seeking freedom from oppressive governments, economic security, a better way of life. Under Donald Trump, she might as well be holding a stop sign.

Just when you think this man can sink no lower, he manages it. Most recently, because the Democrats refused to applaud his State of the Union address, he went on one of his Tweet rants. He not only called the Democrats “un-American” but went so far as to tweet, “Somebody said treasonous. Can we call that treason? Why not?” This is his normal ploy. He poses an outrageous statement as a question. His followers take him literally, as he intended them to do.

This is a man who wants to be a dictator ruling a totalitarian state. That is the kind of statement we would expect from Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un or Adolph Hitler. Dissent is not treason. Freedom of speech is not treason. Refusal to applaud a megalomaniac is not treason. Totalitarian rulers silence the press, silence the opposition. This country should not go down that path.

Anne Morse, Warrensburg