The Republican Committee members' excuses for the Queensbury losses in last Tuesday's election are irresponsible. It speaks volumes that they fail to mention their vicious treatment of Tony Metivier.

Tony is popular and well respected in Ward 1, yet the committee decided to punish him for a vote that, in retrospect, appears to have been in good judgment. In spite of that, Tony worked hard and won the Republican primary. That should have been the end of the story, and the Queensbury election results may have been different.

However, the Republican Committee members decided to push on with their disrespect for Tony and scheme to replace him. Regardless of how they want to spin the Hal Bain issue, there was a clear plan to mislead the Ward 1 voters. The question is, were Ward 1 voters casting a ballot for Hal Bain or an unknown "candidate waiting in the wings" who would replace him?

In my earlier years as a business executive, I attended numerous management seminars and got some sage advice. When plans go wrong, or not as expected, the first thing to do is look in a mirror.

But, of course, it's easier to blame the press.

Tom Jenkin, Ward 1, Queensbury