After allowing the murk of Sunday’s (Nov. 26) editorial settle, I think it is time to respond.

First, although I do not believe The Post-Star intentionally uses false news to advance the left-wing media agenda, I do believe the paper’s editorial board is guilty of presenting false narratives, sometimes blatantly, sometimes with a subtleness that belies any claim of being nonpartisan.

Sunday’s editorial is a case in point. “That deduction benefits residents of high-tax states like New York, Massachusetts and California. Coincidentally (a lot of coincidences pop up with this bill), those are Democratic states.”

Perhaps The Post-Star would better serve readers by pointing out states traditionally ruled by Democrats have a much higher tax load than those ruled more conservatively. Or “instead of putting the blame for the soak-the-blue-states strategy on Paul Ryan and crew, where it belongs, Stefanik blamed New York state leaders (Democrats, coincidentally) for failing to reduce state taxes.”

Really? Last I was aware, the federal government did not create state taxes. Those state taxes were created by the states.

The editorial is raft with such false narratives. They all too often are. Clearly the blame for high New York state taxes does not fall on the shoulders of the federal government or, for that matter, on Republicans. The reason New York is often referred to as the Vampire State is because the progressive tax policies and cost of government intervention into everyday life in this state is a financial burden placed on citizens by the state’s progressive Democrats, not the federal government.

What you are really complaining about is an unintended consequence of progressive tax policy. Certainly New Yorkers pay more. They earn more. That is what progressives claim to support, isn’t it?

Carl Tucker, Queensbury