Historian Benjamin Quarles once wrote: “So much of life must go, not to forward right, but to beat back wrong.” A series of wrongs have been perpetrated by this administration that threaten our environment, retard energy innovation and divide the country into losers and winners.

In charge of the EPA is a man determined to destroy the agency. After a meeting with Dow Chemicals, he released a previous ban on a pesticide known to cause developmental problems in children. He recently appointed a lobbyist for the chemical industry to head the agency which regulates chemicals like PFOA. Pruitt requires 18 Secret Service agents to protect him.

In charge of the energy department is a man who once swore to eliminate it. Rick Perry replaces two eminent physicists. He recently posited that providing lights to African nations would prevent rapes.

Soon to be acting director of the Consumer Finance Protection Board is Mulvaney, whose mission is to destroy the agency. This agency was created to address corporate and banking abuses which caused the economic crisis of 2008. One need only to look at Wells Fargo to see the danger.

Treasury Secretary Gary Cohn has described people who pay taxes as “morons,” a group headed by Rex Tillerson’s designee. Cohn addressed a corporate meeting at which the current tax bill was greeted with lukewarm approval. Why? Economic growth is around 3 percent, wages and inflation are low and business is sitting on around $2 trillion in cash.

The greatest disservice created by the current party, Republican/Populist/Leninist, is its destruction of the communal spirit of America. Americans are at their best when they act communally. We are forced to hope, as Winston Churchill, that “America will always do the right thing, but only after exhausting all other possibilities.”

Thomas Smith, Argyle