Paradise Lost: Living here in the Adirondacks is like living in paradise. I know because I've been visiting here since I was 10 years old and living here since 2003.

My house sits in a nice quiet neighborhood, lots of trees, lakes, wild animals and peace and quiet. There was a time when you didn't have to lock your doors. Nobody bothered your house and whatever was lying in your yard. Everybody knew everybody and their business, and strangers stood out like a sore thumb.

These things are no longer doable anymore. My paradise was shattered. My home was broken into, the lowlife(s) not only took possessions, they took our sense of security, too. Some of the things they took had value you could not put a price on. Some of the stuff had no value at all. It seems that they just broke in grabbed what they could and got out.

They now have us looking around at every little noise or watching the little traffic that comes down our street come and go like they are casing the place. It's a shame that we have to feel like this. It leaves us wishing for the days when we had a piece of paradise here in the Adirondacks.

Phil Smith, Brant Lake