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As a member of Rep. Elise Stefanik’s April 5 South Glens Falls 'Coffee With Your Congresswoman' audience with a lucky number, I was finally able to ask my congresswoman, for the first time in public since the election of 2016, exactly when she signed on to Trump as a GOP presidential candidate — was it pre-Access Hollywood or post-Access Hollywood — and why does she fundraise next to the image of Trump?

Stefanik was not ashamed to tell me — a sexual assault survivor as a minor — that Trump won the district handily, and she agreed to other issues of economics and such. I appreciate the congresswoman's honesty to tell me face-to-face that she has no personal standards of integrity when it comes to fundraising off a self-proclaimed sexual abuser. Basically, if it wins the GOP the White House, Stefanik's professional integrity takes a back seat to a party that nominates and confirms a known abuser who riles the basest instincts in voters. Was Trump the best the GOP could do, or worse, was he really good at selling their questionable message?

It's good to know where Elise stands; it's not often she comes down so clearly on one side or the other. If it wins elections, it's good for Elise — integrity, victims and the republic be damned.

Please vote Stefanik out in November. We can find better leadership.

Julie Wash, Saratoga Springs