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I wonder how much was paid to the judge who said Mr. Trump could build his wall of shame. I thank God that there was no wall when my parents came to our America to be free of the inhumanity from which they came. What about you Mr. Trump? Where would you be if your ancestors were not allowed to leave wherever they came from? Would you be sitting on your throne dictating the fate of those you deem unworthy? For every stone that goes up with your wall, Lady Liberty will be shedding tears because of the loss for what she stands for. Many young people fought and many died to give you your right to be where you are, and you have stomped on their graves not caring what they gave up their lives for. So sit and count your riches and gloat over your dastardly deeds, but remember — there will be justice meted out, if not by the people you can buy, then by a higher judge and jury that you cannot buy.

My love for my country will never die despite you and your disciples. There will always be a next time.

Tillie Merrill, Glens Falls