Bank makes over $50,000 in donations

Bravos to Adirondack Trust Co. for its ongoing generosity in handing out more than $50,000 in grants to 29 nonprofit organizations, including a half-dozen groups in the greater Glens Falls area.

Warren County GOP to review ethics

Bravos to the Warren County Republican Party for saying it intends to review its ethics policy in the coming year. The current policy does not go nearly far enough, and with other political parties committed to cleaning up politics, this is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Councilwoman-elect wants to review plan

Bravos to Queensbury Councilwoman-elect Catherine Atherden for questioning the status of the state’s paid family leave in the town. Municipalities can opt out of a plan that provides up to eight weeks of family leave at half-pay in 2018. Queensbury Supervisor John Strough seemed to be leaning against the plan after several employees said they did not want to pay the small extra tax for the program. Atherden says she wants to make sure employees know what the program is all about after she takes office.

Candidate forum a great step for area

Bravos to the CAT 21 grassroots political group that is holding a forum involving the candidates in the 21st Congressional District at the Moreau Community Center on Jan. 7. We don’t believe the group should be too hard on Rep. Elise Stefanik for not participating. Considering she has seven or eight opponents – there are so many, it is hard to keep track – it really wouldn’t be fair for her to take part when there is not a clear cut opponent. However, we would like to see Rep. Stefanik be more active on the community forum front. It has been a tumultuous year in Washington, and we don’t believe Rep. Stefanik has done nearly enough face-to-face encounters with her constituents.

Code Blue shelter still not open

Boos to the Open Door Ministries for its inability to get the Code Blue homeless shelter up and running in Glens Falls, especially with this most recent stretch of sub-zero weather. We understand that delays occur when you take on a project of this scale, but we have been worried for some time whether Open Door has the resources to deliver on this project. We continue to believe a more collaborative approach in the community would work better.

Glens Falls mayor takes early leave

Boos to former Glens Falls Mayor Jack Diamond for not informing Glens Falls citizens that he was turning over many duties in the city to incoming Mayor Dan Hall a couple weeks early. Diamond has apparently not been on the job the past couple of weeks as he recovers from hip surgery at home. While department heads and the Common Council may have known about Diamond’s planned absence, he should have made it clear to all his constituents. Diamond has done a lot of good things, so it is unfortunate he has to go out on a sour note.

Bravo submitted by a reader:

Community generosity applauded

Bravos to the Glens Falls community generosity in helping the Salvation Army serve 884 families and assist 3,637 people over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Christmas food baskets helped 473 local families enjoy a three-day supply of meals while nearly 600 children were bought new toys and clothing.

— Majors David and Cynthia Dean

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