Lake George, APA work together on plan

Bravos to the Adirondack Park Agency and the town of Lake George for working together on an economic development plan over the last year. The plan identifies 18 to 20 sites for development and should go a long way toward letting businesses know where they can develop in the future without running afoul of regulations for the town and Adirondack Park.

Town lawyer’s remark was disingenuous

Boos to Queensbury town attorney John Aspland for insisting he had no conflict of interest while serving as an officer in the Queensbury Republican Party. When the town announced it was looking to review bids for a law firm, Aspland said, “I’m not aware of the town’s reasoning.” Considering the Republican’s Party’s scheme to keep Tony Metivier from being re-elected, Aspland’s participation in a series of emails and the amount of publicity the issue generated, the comment seems disingenuous. We hope the town of Queensbury goes one step further and insists its law firm has a policy in place forbidding lawyers from sitting on political committees and making campaign donations.

Washington County considers capital project

Boos to the Washington County Board of Supervisors for not including some upcoming capital projects in the 2018 budget. Supervisors learned last week that a parking lot project will cost $300,000 more than the $500,000 it has set aside for the project. The proposed project is being considered just weeks after supervisors used savings to balance the county budget. Apparently, there are other projects that need to be done as well. It seems like all these projects should have been included while discussing the 2018 budget.

Winter carnival lands snowmobile races

Bravos to the Lake George Winter Carnival for bringing back a popular snowmobile racing event that many in the county believe will be a big draw. The winter carnival has a long history of struggling to build momentum because of weather conditions. These races are planned for the Warren County Fairgrounds, Feb. 10-11, so they should be a sure thing.

Meader continues to woo filmmakers

Bravos to Andrew Meader, president of the Adirondack Theater Festival, for his continued work in forming a non-profit film commission to draw movie production companies to the region. Meader continues to volunteer his time to draw filmmakers as part of a grassroots economic development plan. A recent film shooting locally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Village of South Glens Falls has new website

Bravos to the village of South Glens Falls for moving forward with a new website to help village residents get information they need more easily. More importantly, it will include audio files of Village Board meetings. That will add another level of transparency and make it easier for residents to follow town business.

Cambridge wins state football title

Bravos to the Cambridge football team for its 26-14 victory over Maple Grove in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse this past week. Cambridge continues to be a dominant football power among the small schools in the region. The Indians became the first Section II team to win back-to-back state football titles.

Prominent Republicans speak out

Bravos to Warrensburg supervisor and current Warren County administrator Kevin Geraghty for his call that Warren County Republican Chairman Michael Grasso should step aside as chairman because of some recent dirty tricks during election season. Geraghty was joined by former Queensbury at-large supervisor and former county budget officer Nick Caimano in calling for Grasso to do the right thing and step down. The Republicans are the dominant political force in this region, and it is time for them to clean their own house before going forward. This is a watershed moment in local politics, where all the political parties can clean up the political process. Hopefully, the Republicans will take advantage of this opportunity as well.

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