"Interesting that Cambridge Central School's 'Go Home Early Drill' just happens to be the same day the football team plays in the state football semifinals."

One day, almost 30 years ago, my brother and I were painting the bedroom in the apartment in Saranac Lake where Bella and I lived with our two older kids. Bella had instructed us on the color — a lemony yellow — but when she came in to take a look at the half-painted room, she didn’t like it.

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"If someone wanted to make a lot of money, they would make a horror movie about the invasion of the ticks."

"Instead of worrying about the empty tanker cars, maybe we should worry about the ones that are full and rolling through local towns."

"The Red Sox win the division and the Yankees get within one win of the World Series and both fire their managers. Unbelievable!" 

"Does anyone really believe that John Aspland no longer has a conflict as the town attorney in Queensbury?"