It seemed like every hour on the hour, Florida Gov. Rick Scott was on the television making a plea for Florida residents to evacuate, to stay safe and get out of the way of the monster hurricane.

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“I think Doug Irish moved to North Carolina so he wouldn’t have to hear the Queensbury Central fire whistle.”

According to Lawrence M. Krauss, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State, the sun’s brightness is expected to increase by 15 percent over the next 2 billion years, creating a runaway greenhouse effect that will produce surface temperatures on Earth in excess of 700 degrees.

“By the time North Korea gets around to destroying the world, Mother Nature may have already taken care of it.”

In the midst of the 159-day Finch Pruyn strike in 2001, I remember being with Maury Thompson in downtown Glens Falls where union workers paraded down Glen Street protesting the company’s contract offer.

Loyalty to family and friends is a great thing, but the story we ran on Wednesday about a friend, Al Fredette, and an employer, Global Fitness, coming to the defense of Denny Wilhelm gave me pause.

Early in my 21-year career with The Post-Star, when I was still reporting from Ticonderoga, I was assigned to cover a press conference in Lake Placid where state Sen. Ronald Stafford, R-Plattsburgh, announced the forming of a committee to seek to host the Winter Olympic Games for a third time.

For the second consecutive summer, I was asked by editors of The Post-Star to use a couple of days a week of my summer break from Castleton University to head back to the newsroom I left 12 years ago and be a reporter again.