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2013-05-25T21:46:00Z Letters Glens Falls Post-Star
May 25, 2013 9:46 pm

Board meeting was unpleasant for all


I am writing this letter in response to Chris Crucetti’s letter, which appeared in The Post-Star.

I sat at the May 14 Cambridge school board meeting and “had a two-hour experience that was unforgettable.”

Prior to the May meeting, erroneous information and allegations were disseminated, which I believe was to serve one purpose: to create mistrust and promote combatant behavior. Therefore, I was not altogether surprised that evening to see a room filled with “teachers,” “students,” “alumni,” as well as “parents” and “community members.”

I, too, am a teacher, student, CCS alumni, parent, and have been a community member of Cambridge my entire life.

I would gladly welcome having more people come to board meetings each month so they may become more aware of what is actually happening at those meetings. Another way to stay informed is to go to cambridgeboard so you may listen to the meetings.

Personally, I do not want to ever listen to that meeting again, as it was hostile, vicious, as well as antagonistic.

As to the word “alleged,” this is not a word I personally use as I find it to be a word which serves the sole purpose of creating malfeasance. In closing, I would encourage people to treat others as they would like to be treated. There are ways of disagreeing respectfully.


Cambridge Central School Board Member

How many firearms are truly needed?


I am a veteran and a former hunter. I wonder how many weapons hunters have?

Even if they can use “one” at a time. I hope they keep the weapons locked up in one place, and the ammo in another.

The sniper motto is “One Shot, One Kill.”

God bless America.


USMC (Ret.)


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