People must join forces, build power


Is it in the best interest of Congress and the White House to get the debt under control? I am not referring to fiscal responsibility. I am referring to political power and control over the people. Think about this: The more they spend, the more control they think they have. All they have to do is to keep raising taxes and fees, keep exempting themselves and circumvent those obligations. This keeps us under their thumb and in their control. They do not look at the long-range effects of their actions and the probability of revolt and revolution, whether in a physical or psychological realm. They are not paying attention to the bell curve when there will be a point of no return toward total collapse. They think there is a limitless supply of funds that can either be garnered from the citizenship or printed by the Federal Reserve to bail them out of their poor judgment, favors, graft and corruption.

There is a massive amount of power being lauded over the people because of improper and poor fiscal policies. If the electorate has to keep worrying about putting food on the table and a roof over their heads, then how can they concentrate on changing a government and a political structure? But history dictates that a tipping point will come when the populous will wake up and begin to organize. This has started to a small degree, but people do not know where to turn and how to organize. This has to be our focus — to become a galvanizing force of the opposites, to be able to organize with others to become a power structure — not for personal gain or personal power, but for the salvation of this nation under the tutelage of God’s vision through that of the Founding Fathers.


Common Man


‘Facts’ about dog were anything but


This is in response to Ms. Beldon’s tall tale and twisted account of Scarlett, the dog she adopted from Save-A-Stray back in April. A few facts are missing. We responded to an urgent plea from a local animal control kill facility to rescue Scarlett and her sister, as they were due to be euthanized after being abandoned by their owners. Their time was up. Scarlet was shy but never showed any aggression and was very loving. Before her adoption, we made clear to Ms. Beldon the dog was nervous around small children. We certainly never told her the dog didn’t bark. Nary was a word said by Ms. Beldon, from the time she adopted the dog in April until Sept. 20, there was a problem. We also saw her in July when she came back to adopt two kittens. No word was said then, either.

Once we were aware of the situation in September, we had several correspondences with her via email. We never said we wouldn’t help. Questions: If Scarlett did not have any problems from April until the end of August, when she got spayed, what happened for this behavior to emerge? Why weren’t we contacted for five months? Something went horribly wrong at the vet’s during her confinement. Adirondack Save-A-Stray is not responsible for this or saving the world.

Funny thing about a digital society, we have the correspondence to prove this letter is wrong and we will be posting such on our Facebook page.

The Post-Star printed this letter without verification. How dare Ms. Beldon place her guilt on Adirondack Save-A-Stray? Maybe legal action will bring some clarity to this situation. Adirondack Save-A-Stray saved Scarlett; Ms. Beldon elected to euthanize her.


Executive Director

Adirondack Save-A-Stray

If Queensbury pays, it deserves rights


Two things: (1) The Marine Corps Hymn contains the line “to the shores of Tripoli.” The Marines who earned that line must be rolling over in their graves. Marines have traditionally guarded our embassies, yet no Marines were present when Ambassador Stevens was murdered. Where were they? Evidently Congress chose to replace them with paid “security guards,” security guards probably hired by some politician’s brother-in-law. Marines don’t run away. Bring them back to our embassies.

(2) Lake George, the Queen of American Lakes, is being polluted by milfoil, spiny water fleas and now Asian clams. Those who would protect the lake from these scourges so it can remain a tourist draw for a honky-tonk tourist-trap town and the private bathtub of wealthy lakefront property owners, are looking for money, lots of money. Soon they will be trying to tap the coffers of the town of Queensbury. The handwriting is on the wall. They are looking for deep pockets, and whose pocket is deeper than that of the collective Queensbury taxpayer? Yet those who manage the lake have kept it basically private by high dockage and launch fees, plus millionaire lakefront property prices.

Now they are in trouble and looking for every dollar they can purloin. Queensbury land borders a portion of the lake. If Queensbury falls for this money grab, at the very least, Queensbury taxpayers should have their own private, free, boat launch on the lake as a quid pro quo. After all, Fort Ann residents have their own private beach, why not a private boat launch for Queensbury taxpayers?



Eternal peace will be found in Jesus


The media hype of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse has given way to the alternative media’s reporting of the coming apocalypse in store if Iran gets a nuke and Obama is re-elected. Jesus, in speaking of endtimes, said “for in those days there will be tribulation (trouble), such as has not been seen since the beginning of the creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be.” Plato and Aristotle both spoke of Noah’s global flood of judgment as fact and Jesus always referred to the Genesis account as factual history. Evolutionists have always attempted to push all this into the myth category (a new book “The Rocks Don’t Lie,” just evolutionists, I would add), but scientific facts continuously elude their quests for any real proof of amoeba to man evolution. The problem is, bad theory makes for bad science.

“Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless,” said professor Louis Bounoure, director of research, National Center for Scientific Research. Hence, the false idea of vestigial organs “leftover” from our supposed days as chimps, or vast portions of the human genome falsely labeled “Junk DNA,” now all known to have design and purpose. “In fact, evolution has become, in a sense, a scientific religion; almost all scientists have accepted it and many are prepared to ‘bend’ their observations to fit in with it,” said H.S. Lipton, professor of physics at University of Manchester.

God’s full plan and design for this, our fallen, sin-wracked world, is laid out from Genesis to Revelation. He loved us enough to become Immanuel, God with us. He said, “Come unto me ... and I will give you rest.” Americans’ revolutionary cry was “No King but King Jesus.” He alone gives eternal peace and joy.



Area needs better bus, bike systems


In response to the Sept. 30 article “Long range transportation plan launched,” 2035 seems too far away for an end date to improve shared transportation in the greater Glens Falls area. The time for these improvements is now, and I know we can do better than that! Please take a moment to complete this transportation survey:

Among other obstacles, the current bus system routes completely eliminate a large part of Queensbury, making it impossible to use community transportation. I live in Queensbury, near West Mountain. To take a bus to work, I would need to drive my car to 1) Glens Falls High School, 2) John Burke Apartments, or 3) an area on Corinth Road near Broad Street Hannaford.

Another important option is creating a realistic bus/bike combination for our area. It is important because it promotes our residents’ health and individual physical participation in a community transportation system. With limited mobility, I am no longer able to ride my bike four miles to work and four miles home. It will be a wonderful day when I can attach my bike to a city bus that takes me three-fourths of the way to work. I could ride my bike the last mile through Glens Falls. We could take it a step further and adopt a shared bike company for our residents. I urge the council to look at adopting a community bike program as a complement to an expanded public transit system.

A successful example is “Bicing,” the resident only bike program in Barcelona:,





Nanny state creates all our problems


This is in response to Tony Galiano: Let’s say I’m a rich agra proprietor and you’re a poor person struggling to feed your family. If whatever party in power ups my taxes, I have no recourse other than to pass those taxes on to you or my business will suffer. Unemployment benefits are paid for by everyone else’s taxes, those holding a job, that is. Cutting those taxes increases the wealth of those working and those creating jobs (thereby increasing the quantity of jobs, ergo employing the unemployed). Medicare and Social Security worked fine until politicians started using them to disguise budget deficits.

The state is an artificial version of the family. Whereas in the past, familial and religious structures fed the poor and took care of their elderly (a quick aside: children brought up in an extended family of such sorts respected their elders to a level that’s almost incomprehensible with today’s youth), today, individuals look to the state as mother hen who’ll fix all our woes. As a result of “nanny state” control, taxes have skyrocketed, thereby straining everyone’s wallets. As with what happened in all socialist-leaning countries (any state policy that looks after the welfare of the public is a socialist policy), destroying the wealth of those who’ve prospered doesn’t increase overall wealth, but diminishes it. If my products are artificially manipulated, I will scale back production to protect my interests. And just to state unequivocally, it’s not the rich people whose taxes increase (they’re rich enough to roll everything into foundations/NGOs, thereby protecting their assets), it’s the small-business men and women who suffer. Nanny insurance for all forces “mom and pops” to fire employees. Your God is as sick of Walmarts and Starbucks running everything as I am.


Hudson Falls