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Letters Oct. 10

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October 09, 2012 8:07 pm

McDonald bucked line, paid price by few voters


You often hear people whining that elected officials have no independent thought, that they merely vote the party line, that they just stick their finger in the wind rather than do what’s right. And yet when a politician does show independent thought, bucks the party line and does what he thinks is right, the public too often punishes him. The situation of state Sen. Roy McDonald is a case in point.

The most common criticism of his vote in favor of civil rights for gay people was that he went against the will of the majority of his constituents. This is debatable, but even if that was true, his vote was to respect his oath of office which demanded that he respect the New York and U.S. constitutions, both of which contain equal protection clauses.

It was surely unpleasant for someone with such a conservative voting record to be so crucified by the extreme right for a single vote, but it’s unfortunate that he chose to not contest the general election. Instead, he let a tiny fringe kick him out of office.

Each New York Senate district contains about 311,000 people. About 14,500 people voted in the GOP primary. Thus, his fate as an elected representative was decided by fewer than 5 percent of his constituents, all from a single party, and only a razor thin majority of that rejected him. The other 95 percent won’t even have a say. This is democracy?

McDonald lost his job because 2.4 percent of his constituents, all from a single party, didn’t like him. There’s something fundamentally unfair about this. He should’ve stayed in the race. His job as senator was given to him by everybody in the district; it shouldn’t be taken away because 2.4 percent of them didn’t like one of his votes.


Glens Falls

Migratory waterfowl are to blame for invasives


Please, enough of these invasive species articles, my hair it starting to hurt. And, seeing as none of them mention the prime cause of invasive species problems, I suspect the whole issue is a scam to put Lake George off limits to nonresident boaters, just like the clique at Lauderdale wants to do.

The prime cause of invasive species problems are not boats but migratory waterfowl. We are swamped with them, especially Canadian geese. These birds lead a fairly simple life. They eat, they breed and they poop. Given the unique fact that they have wings, they can eat in one place and poop in another. A lot of various crap (no pun intended) passes through their digestive system. At the north end of Lake George, I don’t believe it’s more than two miles over the mountain to Champlain, a mere hop if you have wings. We also sit on a major migratory waterfowl flyway. That means as they migrate north and south, they sit down and park overnight. Why even that icon of the Adirondacks, the loon, is a migratory bird. It poops also.

So go ahead and spend thousands upon thousands, you’ll probably succeed in putting the lake off limits to nonresidents, but the invasive species will still be there. But you will have gotten the result you really seek.



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