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Boos and Bravos

2013-01-27T23:25:00Z Boos and Bravos Glens Falls Post-Star
January 27, 2013 11:25 pm

Beer company was out of line to request ultimatum about concert series sponsorship

Boos to Bud Light beer for making a “beer garden” in City Park one of the conditions for continuing a Thursday evening concert series it sponsors during the summer. While Bud Light should be applauded for its sponsorship in past years, it is out of line to include conditions that affect community values as part of the continuing relationship with the city. We also think the beer garden is a bad idea.

District signs on to aid petition

Bravos to Cambridge school district for signing a statewide petition requesting Gov. Andrew Cuomo address the inequity in how the state funds education. Superintendents have been complaining for years the formula penalizes poor school districts. It is time the state fixed it. We urge all schools to join together and sign the petition.

Supervisor wrong about invasives

Boos to Dresden Supervisor Bob Banks for characterizing the invasive species crisis as nothing more than a fundraising effort for local environmental groups. The damage invasive species do to waterways throughout the world is well-documented, and while Mr. Banks may not agree on the best way to fight the problem, he should not use his position as an elected official to make light of the issue.

County resurrects board of ethics

Bravos to Washington County officials for reinstituting a board of ethics to investigate any potential conflicts of interest among elected officials or county employees. This will be a great service to citizens and give all Washington County communities an outlet to which they can bring complaints.

New ideas are always welcome

Bravos to businesswoman Rhianna Hogan-Cerro for proposing a new way to “reimagine” City Park in Glens Falls. We, like most residents of the city, believe the park is a gem, but we should never be afraid to look for ways to make things even better. We believe Ms. Hogan-Cerro has brought some interesting ideas to the table, and they should be considered.

Lions Club drum-and-bugle-corp competition brought much happiness to region

Bravos to Fort Edward Lions Club for its commitment to the national drum-and-bugle-corp competition the club sponsored at East Field for more than 30 years. Drops in attendance and fewer members to help put on the show forced the club to pull the plug on one of the great music events of the summer.

Washington County Municipal Center should be a smoke-free zone

Bravos to Putnam Supervisor John LaPoint for proposing a smoking ban at Washington County Municipal Center. These types of smoke-free zones in public buildings and on grounds are becoming more and more commonplace and we believe it is long overdue at the municipal center in Washington County.

Sokol’s Market in Queensbury will be missed in community

Bravos to the Sokol family for years of service to the Queensbury community. It is rare business becomes such a mainstay of the community. Generations of families have counted on Sokol’s for that can of soup, loaf of bread or bottle of soda they had just run out of at home. Maybe more than that, it was a great source of memories for so many residents. The market will be greatly missed.

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  1. sciaccabro
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    sciaccabro - January 28, 2013 11:21 am
    Why are you criticizing Budweiser for wanting to sell its products at an event that it's paying for? If the city or concert organizers were so against the concept of alcohol at the event, then they shouldn't have accepted the sponsorship of a beer company in the first place. And why is having a beer garden a bad idea, anyway? They sell beer at other downtown events, They sell beer at hockey games. Now suddenly a beer garden is against community values? Would you prohibit local bars from keeping their doors open during the event because of those same community values? It's clear the company is being unfairly singled out in this case. Why, I have no idea. I'm waiting for the next Post-Star editorial calling for the reinstitution of Prohibition.


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