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Boos and Bravos Jan. 21

2013-01-20T23:05:00Z Boos and Bravos Jan. 21 Glens Falls Post-Star
January 20, 2013 11:05 pm

State audit of Town of Dresden’s books finds little record-keeping

Boos to Dresden Supervisor Bob Banks for responding to a state audit of the town’s finances by saying, “We’re not in the business of making the state happy.” Banks and his Town Board should be embarrassed by the lack of oversight being done to protect the interests of taxpayers. Taxpayers should be applauding the state for stepping in to point out the shortcomings of the supervisor and the Town Board and demanding the town get its finances in order.

Brewer fails to address issue

Boos to Queensbury Councilman Tim Brewer for still not addressing his arrest for driving while ability impaired by drugs way back on April 7. Brewer, who was arrested once before for DWAI because of what he said was a bad reaction to pain medication, still has not explained the events of April 7, when two other drivers boxed in his vehicle after seeing him drive erratically. Brewer still has his license and continues to serve on the Town Board without addressing the arrest with the constituents who elected him. This past week, his lawyer asked for the charges to be dismissed, saying there was no evidence the drugs he was taking for pain impaired his driving.

District, teachers come to terms

Bravos to Warrensburg School District and its teachers union for finally coming to terms on a new contract. The contract reflects some of the same concessions nearby school districts have been given and includes small pay increases for the teachers. The contract negotiations went on for far too long and were some of the more contentious in recent memory. It will be good to see both sides put this behind them.

McEchron House renovation being done with preservation in mind

Bravos to the partners in the long-discussed renovation of the McEchron House in Glens Falls. The historic property is being gutted, but the plan is to restore the building to its former elegance and make it into a restaurant and apartments. We applaud how the project is being approached with the preservation of history in mind.

TV station airs documentary

Bravos to WMHT-TV for its “Our Town Glens Falls” documentary that began airing this past week. It was the second time Glens Falls has been featured in the PBS station’s documentary series. We applaud the station’s decision to again focus on Glens Falls and its reputation of being a great place to live.

Hadley-Luzerne graduates give back to school community

Bravos to the 12 Hadley-Luzerne graduates who agreed to return to the school over the Christmas break and talk from their college experiences with current high school students. The program is a great way to help high schoolers navigate the college application process and hear what to expect when they get on campus. More schools should try a program like this.

Company has plan to expand

Bravos to Applied Dynamics Corp. of Massachusetts for purchasing NY Electric Motor Service of Glens Falls with plans on expanding the operation from the current five employees to 35 and perhaps as high as 70 in the future. The local business appeared to be on the ropes when Applied Dynamics came to the rescue. It’s one of those rare “good news” stories that gives us reason for optimism about the local economic climate.

Sidewalk path must be cleared

Bravos to Glens Falls councilman Ben Driscoll’s reminder to city residents of the importance of clearing sidewalks of snow and ice after winter storms, including opening up a path to crosswalks. Glens Falls is a walking city and all residents must pitch in to keep it that way in the winter months.

Boos to those who have not been clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes. The Glens Falls code reads as follows: “The owner, occupant or person in charge of a lot adjoining a city street shall remove the snow from the sidewalks in front of such lot within five hours after each snowstorm and shall keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice and, when slippery, keep the same safe by sanding or other effective means.” Just a reminder.

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