This is no time to be messing around.

New York state is in deep financial trouble and its government is so dysfunctional that even efforts to improve it have only served to make matters worse. We need a leader who has good ideas, experience in state government and the political clout to rein in spending and reduce taxes.

The only candidate on the ballot for governor who meets those qualifications is state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo has articulated a "New NY Agenda," a 252-page action plan for turning around the state. The plan includes a property tax cap, mandate relief, consolidating or eliminating 20 percent of state government agencies, consolidation of local government services and elimination of redundant layers of government, limits to state spending and wage freezes for state workers, business tax credits to companies that retain jobs and hire unemployed workers, the creation of regional business clusters with tax credits, and extensive ethics reform.

Cuomo knows the state government better than any of his challengers. He knows the politics, having served as a close aide to his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo. He's very familiar with the political culture that currently paralyzes Albany, so his learning curve will be brief. And he's served in both the federal and state government at high levels, as HUD secretary in the Clinton administration and the past four years as state attorney general.

We admire Republican Carl Paladino's rage against the machine, particularly his demand for significant cuts in taxes and spending. When he first came out of the gate, his outsider attacks on Albany as a successful upstate businessman were refreshing. But his bombastic approach to governing, along with his irresponsible public comments and personal attacks, reflect someone who lacks the knowledge, social skills and political temperament to govern effectively. His administration would be four years of stagnation, and we can't afford that right now.

As for the other candidates in the race, neither of them has a chance to accomplish anything as governor, although they each do have their strong points.

We've been particularly impressed by Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich, a Guilderland town councilman and attorney who distinguished himself at the lone gubernatorial debate with reasonable, well-considered, educated responses to discussion of the state's problems. He is willing to be specific about how he will eliminate several state agencies, end corporate welfare, and cap public sector pay and pensions as a way of stopping the state's wasteful spending practices.

With more governing experience and by broadening his voter base, Mr. Redlich could become a serious statewide candidate in the future. If you're casting a protest vote, Mr. Redlich is your best choice. But now is not the time to install a newbie in the governor's office, even an articulate one with good ideas.

Perennial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, a UPS worker from central New York, is running on a modified New Deal platform that calls for public works projects and taxing the rich, as well as legalizing marijuana and free SUNY tuition. He's not ready to run the state.

Former New York City madam Kristen Davis is actually articulate and smart, and has some legitimate business background beyond the obvious. But no one will take her seriously in Albany, especially when her top issues involve legalizing marijuana and prostitution.

Jimmy McMillan, running on a platform of lowering rent, and New York City Councilman Charles Barron, seeking racial diversity in state government, are one-issue protest candidates.

Andrew Cuomo has some flaws. We're disturbed by his unwillingness to debate his opponents more than once and his failure to face reporters and editors around the state in editorial boards and press association meetings.

His play-it-safe campaign might serve his chances of winning, but it isn't serving his future constituents. He hasn't put forth a very bold agenda for cutting state spending and reining in taxes.

We'd like to see him go further.

And while he's been a strong advocate of open government, putting payrolls and contracts online, he most recently refused to release his public schedule from his last two years in office. This, along with his ostrich campaign, raises red flags about his willingness to govern in the open.

But of the six candidates for governor this year, Mr. Cuomo is the only one with any chance of moving the government forward and fixing the state's problems.

We urge voters to support state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for governor.

Local editorials represent the opinion of The Post-Star editorial board, which consists of Publisher Rick Emanuel, Editor Ken Tingley, Editorial Page Editor Mark Mahoney and citizen member Gail Infante.


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Sad day when Cuomo is even allowed on the ballot. His finger prints are all over the problems we have in both the state and our country. I guess when given the line up you were given, the saying "it takes a crook" was a very important ingredient in your decision making. I'm still voting for Palladino.


This is the witches brew,Cuomo and those behind,Freddy Mac and the biggest heist in history are now taking on the roll of our guardians.They are brewing their own tea,stealing Palidino's thunder,with promises they will never keep.Once elected they will give you cap and trade and the largest tax bill you have ever seen!There's a big difference between having the skills to do with and having the will to really serve the people.Should be interesting to see what kind of monger the Post Star has endorsed.


Sad day indeed. Cuomo is an inarticulate career politician with bad ideas.

The article itself admits to "his unwillingness to debate his opponents more than once and his failure to face reporters and editors around the state in editorial boards and press association meetings". Why might this be? I suggest it is because he has the media behind him so all he has to do is float on and when voters get to the election box his name will be the one they know. If he were to accept debate now, voters would be once again "impressed" by candidate Warren Redlich, and Redlich's facebook page would be covered in more quotes like these.

David Andrew Gay: "Auburn Citizen (A Central New York Paper) has Cuomo and Redlich tied for first place in this debate. Says Warren was clearly the most knowledgeable."

Melissa Ensell: "I didn't know who else was running besides Cuomo and Paladino. I'm glad that everyone was invited now because after watching the debate, you DEFINITELY have my vote."


Kelly Lepir LaBella: "Cuomo had my vote...not anymore!"

Rebekah Thurston Shearer: "Thank You Warren for giving me someone I can vote for who stands for what I believe in. You need to get more public attention! I didn't know about you until I got disgusted with Paladino and Cuomo that my husband and I started researching who was on the ballot to actually vote for besides those two rediculous candidates."

Chris Murphy: "I was going to vote for Cuomo until I saw you debate this evening, Mr. Redlich. Now I'll be voting for you."


You are mistaken about Warren Redlich being qualified to do the job. He has degrees in Mathematical Economics, Political Science, and Law. He knows how to deal with a Legislative body. He will represent the people of our State, not the special interests who have bought and paid for Mr. Cuomo


Yes, Como was part of the problems NY has been having. He is an insider and is USING Palladino's promise to cut state expenses by 20% and give the taxpayer a 10% break. It's going to be another broken promise. Como will probably cut social security. I don't trust him or any of the other incumbents and will vote for Palladino. I had enough of the lies, flip-floping and broken promises.


To this day, I have never seen the media at any level endorse anyone other than one of the two top names in the race. They wouldn't dare endorse Warren Redlich in the 2010 NYS governor's race, no matter how much newspaper editorials across the state have been screaming for change and look what they endorsed - someone who is part of the problem. All I can say is be prepared to dig deeper in to your pockets to pay the extra taxes because that is what we are going to have to do to support the Cuomo agenda.


Sad is the day when there really is no one running worthy for the job.

Sceptical Mass

Ugh. Hardly an enthusiatic endorsement for an Albany insider who will undoubtedly pander to the State Legislature's resident CEO, and real power-broker, Sheldon Silver.

There's no balance in Albany, nothing to check the Democratic Union-stroking priorities and out of control spending glut.

New York and California will continue to exemplify the enormous flaws inherent in deficit spending and mirror the tragic loss of civility, and failure to work towards common goals which has become ingrained in both parties bunker mentality showcased daily in Washington D.C.

Cuomo will tread-water, at best, and we will all pay for it down the road.

Warren Redlich is clearly the best man for the job, but, sadly, the editorial board at the Post Star caved to expediency at the cost of honesty.

What's next? An endorsement for Scott Murphy because he had the backbone to ignore the wishes of the American people by caving on his health-care stance?

I'd put money on it.


I'm shocked at the endorsement. Based upon your track record of supporting those who pander to class warfare to garner votes I expected to hear "the rent is too damn high."

The fact that you endorsed the political hack who was partially responsible for the Fannie and Freddie mortgage mess, who later ran for Attorney General after NEVER HAVING EVEN PRACTICED LAW only decreases the credibility of your "editorial board."

At least you could have been truthful and talked about the tingle that Cuomo sends up your legs.


Pretty bad when all the political ads are the same --- "you should really vote for ME because my opponent sucks" sounds like they ALL suck.


It's possible that over the next several years the option of moving out of New York State may be viewed not so much as a means of seeking a better life but rather an urgent matter of survival.


This is just who we need in office to finish this state off! He won't change a thing in Albany.


I agree with those who want to elect Palladino, an outsider who has no connections, no political ability, and couldn't build a consensus if he had the printed directions and a right-handed hammer. We want somebody like him in charge, a man who alienates vast parts of the population (by this I mean people with a working brain), a man ready to wade into Albany with a club and his cuddly, Brown-shirt ways. Sign me up!

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