Whitehall Jr.-Sr. High School Class of 2002 graduates:

Darcie Atwood, Ashley Bakerian, Jason Belden, Daniel Britton, Steven Brock, Levi Bromley, Scott William Brown, Desiree Burke, Ashley Buxbaum, Danielle Carey, Holly Casola, Joseph Choppy Jr.;

Christopher Coombs, Tarah Currier, Christopher Davis, Jennah Davis, Rebecca DeLuca, Christine DeSimone, Kristyna DiResta, Dennis Downs, Nicole Enny, Sheri Fuller, Amber Gandrow, Leon Gordon;

Joseph Grady, Francesca Guida, Diana Hagadorn, Brian Hart, Shawna Hart, Jennifer Ingleston, Jennifer Juckett, Holly LaChapelle, Michael LaChapelle, Casie Lampkins, Joseph LaRock, Jennifer Lavin;

Allison Lee, Megan Lester, Nathan Lipka, Chelsea Longtin, Rebecca Lyons, Gail Manney, Sharon McDonald, Katrina McLaughlin, Adam Moore, Jared Mowatt, Charles Perkins, John Plavnicky;

Matthew Putorti, Carrie Rivette, Blaire Rocque, Stephen Rozell, Mark Ryan Jr., Travis St. Clair, Ashley Telisky, Heidi Terry, Rickie Therrien, Sha'Newha Waddy, Jennifer Ward, Douglas Warren, Jenna Watson, Angela Wildey, Derek Wirkki, Sirkka Wirkki.

Scholarships and awards:

Victoria S. Griswold Memorial Award, Holly Casola and Michael LaChapelle; Colonel John Finch Award, Dennis Downs; Chris LeClaire Memorial Award, Leon Gordon; Mettowee Valley Business & Professional Women's Club Award, Shauna Hart and Blaire Rocque;

Mary E. Neddo Memorial Award, Holly LaChapelle and Ashley Bakerian; Whitehall Lions Club Award, Nathan Lipka and Danielle Carey; William J. Daly Memorial Award, Chelsea Longtin;

Alice Goodwin Hawkins Award, Rebecca Lyons; Band Director's Award, Carrie Rivette; Whitehall Elks Lodge 1491 Award, Heidi Terry and Matthew Putorti; May P. Smith and Victoria S. Griswold Memorial Award, Angela Wildey and Jared Mowatt;

Catherine Potter Memorial Award, Derek Wirkki, Christine DeSimone and Jennifer Ward; William B. Inglee Memorial Award, Darcie Atwood; Kenneth A. Mickel Memorial Award, Darcie Atwood; Calista McGowan Memorial Award, Jenna Davis;

New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association Scholarship, Jenna Davis; Whitehall Athletic Association Award, Rebecca DeLuca and Charles Perkins; Washington County Republican Women's Club Award, Rebecca DeLuca;

Gordon H. Foote Award, Christine DeSimone; John Molinero Sr. Memorial Award, Michael LaChapelle; Helen Layden Gilligan Award, Joseph LaRock; John Bigelow Memorial Award, Joseph LaRock; Emilio "Jumbo" Scott Award, Jared Mowatt;

Clifford "Bud" Sawyer Award, Charles Perkins; Patty Bassett Memorial Award, Jenna Watson; Class of 1941 Award, Jenna Watson and John Plavnicky; Frederick Ferguson Sr. Good Samaritan Award, Sha'Newha Waddy; Edgar Moore Memorial Award, Sha'Newha Waddy;

Neil Molinero Wrestling Award, Steven Brock; Charles and Harry Diekel Memorial Award, Steven Brock, Pret Inglee Community Award, Steven Brock; Stephen J. Brooks memorial award, Scott Brown;

H. Foster Griswold Memorial Award, Scott Brown and Jennifer Ward; Adirondack Counseling Association Scholarship, Scott Brown; Neil Molinero Memorial Award, Danielle Carey; Grant R. Foster Scholarship, Danielle Carey; John Molinero Jr. Memorial Award, Nicole Enny;

Agnes S. Griswold Memorial Award, Nicole Enny and Travis St. Clair; Carol Adams Memorial Award, Nicole Enny; Liberty Ship Award, John Plavnicky; New York State Lottery Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, John Plavnicky;

Maj. Andrea M. Aiken, Ashley Telisky; Whitehall Teacher's Association, Ashley Telisky and Matthew Putorti; Thryza Kinner Memorial Award, Ashley Telisky; Grant R. Foster II Memorial Award, Jennifer Ward and Matthew Putorti; Adam "Biff" Palmer Memorial Award, Ashley Bakerian;

Vincent Frandino Memorial Award, Ashley Bakerian; Washington County Children's Committee, Ashley Bakerian; Max, Edward and Pauline Diekel Memorial Award, Levi Bromley; Gordie Foote Memorial Award, Levi Bromley;

Gino Scott Memorial Award, Levi Bromley; Dawn Kilmer Memorial Award, Levi Bromley; Marie Ames Young Award, Travis St. Clair; Jack Hoffman Memorial Award, Travis St. Clair; American Legion award, Matthew Putorti; Adirondack Paralegal Association, Matthew Putorti;

Anthony "Tony" Scott award, Matthew Putorti; Columbiette Council #276 award, Matthew Putorti; Community Improvement Award, Matthew Putorti; Robert Kana Memorial Award, Matthew Putorti; Class of 1957 Award, John Plavnicky;

Lucy Gaylor Peart Award, Matthew Putorti, Ashley Telisky and John Plavnicky; "Mike" Benjamin Memorial Award, Levi Bromley; Dianna Neddo Memorial Award, Tarah Currier; Whitehall Basketball Boosters Award, Michael LaChapelle and Ashley Bakerian; the "Buck" Award, Nathan Lipka;

Andrea's School of Dance "Student of the Year" Award, Rebecca DeLuca, Christine DeSimone, Jenna Watson; Rose LaRoe Gordon award, Michael LaChapelle; Knights of Pythias Award, Jared Mowatt;

Frank Martucci Memorial Award, Rebecca DeLuca; CSEA Non Teaching Personnel Union Award, Darcie Atwood, Levi Bromley, Scott Brown, Dennis Downs, Brian Hart, Jennifer Lavin, Nathan Lipka and Adam Moore.

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