HARTFORD -- A lawyer for the town received this week a response from Washington County about the town's lawsuit over a parcel of land the county owns on Eldridge Lane, which was set aside for a landfill but never developed as one.

The county's answer denies many of the allegations laid out in the town's lawsuit. The lawsuit, which hinges on a 1994 agreement, is seeking $103,000 from the county.

The county denies the claim that the agreement went into effect when a state Department of Environmental Conservation permit was issued to operate a landfill at the site.

The county argues, instead, that the agreement was contingent on the construction and operation of a landfill at the site, which never happened.

The county's answer also denies the town's contention that the county should have assumed maintenance responsibility for Eldridge Lane in 1993.

The town's attorney in this matter, Robert Winn, said the next step is for the town to produce the discovery materials the county has demanded, including documents related to the drafting of the agreement, documents related to both the lane and the parcel, and any related photographs.

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