Wanna buy an old voting machine?

Warren County officials are trying to figure out what to do with dozens of retired voting machines, the hulking metal-lever machines used for decades until new computerized machines were phased in several years ago.

The county Board of Elections is trying to figure out what to do with the 72 semiretired machines sprinkled around the county that are no longer used for general elections.

Each town and the city of Glens Falls has a number of them that are still used for such things as school district and fire district votes. They have been stored in fire stations and other public buildings around the county in recent years.

County elections commissioners Mary Beth Casey and William Montfort said the fact the county no longer needs them means they can be offered for free to the towns and city, which can do with them what they want.

They can keep them for use in local school elections, return them to the Board of Elections or dispose of them.

“If they have four and want to keep three, they can sell one on eBay if they want,” Casey said.

The county could sell the ones the towns don’t want for scrap, Montfort said.

School districts have been told they can use the machines until 2014, but Casey said she thinks the deadline will likely be extended for school districts to let them use the machines longer.

The Board of Elections was told the machines could bring $50 to $100 apiece if sold for scrap metal, Montfort said. The machines are steel and brass.

“They are metal and there is a market for it now,” Casey said. “There’s brass in there and if someone wanted to break them down, they could probably get some good money for them.”

The towns and city have been asked to let the Board of Elections know by March 1 what they would like to do with the machines.

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I give'em $200 to own a piece of history.


I'll give $100 for one!!


Perhaps we would do well to keep them! judging from the last election results and I like that voter ID idea as well,Non citizens and Dead people really should not be allowed to vote.

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