MOREAU -- Statements given to police by teens who attended the birthday party for a 16-year-old Moreau boy where scantily clad dancers were among the entertainment say one dancer bit a teen’s nipple while another questioned how old some of the partygoers were.

“The brunette said she was a little surprised at how young everyone was at the party,” 15-year-old William Shill told State Police, according to court records. “The blond didn’t seem to mind.”

Another teen, Stephen Hubinsky, 16, told police that the blond stripper pulled his shirt up as she gave him a lap dance, bit one of his nipples and scratched his chest.

Written statements signed by four teens were filed Tuesday in Moreau Town Court as part of the case against the mother of the teen for whom the party was organized.

The mother, Judy H. Viger, 33, of Gansevoort was charged with five misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child, pertaining to specific teens under the age of 17 who last Nov. 3 received “lap dances” or other similar physical contact with two women in bras and panties.

The party was thrown at Spare Time Bowling Center for the 16th birthday of Viger’s son, Reggie. Judy Viger organized the gathering and arranged for the dancers through Tops in Bottoms, a Saratoga County provider of entertainers, court records show.

“The defendant did enable and encourage the entertainers to perform a personal and intimate style dance to each of the juveniles, which was presented in a sexual manner,” wrote South Glens Falls Police Patrolman Phil Lindsey.

The dancers were interviewed by police and were not charged.

The five teens identified as victims in the case were 15 and 16 years old, but one partygoer told police teens as young as high school freshmen were present at the party.

Shill told police that Judy Viger called the women’s performance a “bikini gram,” and said the dancers would not take tips “because they weren’t stripping.”

One girl who received a lap dance, Carly L. Brown, 16, said the women performed for 10 to 15 minutes.

“Judy told me it was unexpected that the girls put their crotches in Reggie’s face,” Brown told police.

Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy said parents of the partygoers did not know beforehand about the adult entertainment and were “shocked and stunned” when they learned of it.

“As difficult as it may be for us to have to weigh in on these kinds of cases, certainly exposing the unsuspecting children to this sort of ‘entertainment’ goes beyond the pale when it comes to what is appropriate for a 14-, 15- and 16-year-old child,” Murphy said in a news release. “It is important to remember that it is the other kids and their parents who came forward and who initiated the investigation. The police correctly followed up on legitimate, good faith complaints and the police owed it to them to conduct an earnest investigation into the matter.”

Murphy said police are working with the State Liquor Authority as the agency investigates a possible liquor license violation for allowing adult entertainment.

Jane Bryan, human resources director for Spare Time's parent company, Bowl New England Inc., said the company did not arrange for or pay for the party, and has cooperated with police.

Someone covered with paper the glass doors to the private room in the bowling alley where the party was held.

Judy Viger was released, pending prosecution in Moreau Town Court on March 7. She told The Post-Star in November that the entertainers were not strippers but women hired to deliver a “bikini gram” and sing happy birthday to her son.

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“The brunette said she was a little surprised at how young everyone was at the party,” 15-year-old William Shill told State Police, according to court records. “The blond didn’t seem to mind." The dancers were interviewed by police and were not charged."

Nor, apparently, was 'Tops in Bottoms' charged. How are the company and its 'entertainers' avoiding any charges here?

(At the very least, the company should be charged with 'aggravated punning' for its company name.)


This whole case is bizarre. Not sure that the minor partygoers need to have their statements and names in the paper. Couldn't the newspaper report the statements without using specific names? A lot of poor decisions, but if the mother is charged for child endangerment, why does the actual people who did the dancing or whatever they did - get any blame. Can they say since we are paid we don't care about the ages? Weird story.


This was poor judgement on the mother's part. But look at all the taxpayers money wasted on this witch hunt. Now we have the State Liquor Authority looking into the situation. When you add up the cost of the Court, DA, police investigation over the last few months and SLA including benefits such as pensions and Health Insurance, this is a six figure pursuit. The crime doesn't justify this expense though it does sell newspapers.


Why are you publishing the names of underage victims?


Oh what a load of crap, she said she did not hire strippers and it was a bikini gram the place she called to get them from is call TOPS N BOTTOMS duh the name alone should tell her that it was a strip club. She is mom that is trying to act like her sons friend instead of being a parent. Check out her face book page she has pics of her and her son on a beach with what looks like Pina Coladas in their hands. She was dressed in a bikini top with a belly button ring and his arm around her like they were best buds . She needs to grow up. And as far as charges against the bowling ally this is in no way their fault they did not know what this woman was planning , The average family throws a party and their kids bowl not have strippers come to give lamp dances.

Sceptical Mass

If they kept their clothes ON this whole thing seems pretty puritanical, even considering the tawdry nature of it. Women dancing with their clothes ON are performing a sexually explicit act?


Where exactly is the explicitness? I would say if you have to use your imagination, as a participant, it can't be very explicit, can it?

Gyrating is gyrating, yes, but clothed gyrating is an illegal act? Really? Clothed?

It sounds more like the "dancer" who touched the one boy broke the law, but after discovering that everyone kept their clothes on it seems a stretch to claim there were laws broken here that amount to very much, and besides, she wasn't charged with anything, curiously, it seems.

If they didn't strip they're not the whole thing just seems stupid more than anything else.


And the objectification of women is alright with you. That aside the participants receiving the "dances" were minors. Society protects this group of humans because they are not capable of making a good decision concerning certain situations. That's why 16 year olds have babies. Bad choices.


Change the gender of the birthday-boy and there'd be a whole lot more people in jail here. Nipple biting, crotches in faces, rubbing & gyrating...


AGREE ^^^ BOTH dancers should be charged also..looks like sexual contact in the pic . if that was a guy "dancing" for a underage girl like that , he would be charged... the parents of these other teens should push for charges to be filed against the "dancers".... the "dancers" knew the kids were underage.

Spiney Norman

If a bartender serves a 'minor', they can't use the excuse 'I wasn't aware he/she was underage' and I believe the bar owners is charged also. Not trying to start anything here but I find it curious neither the 'dancers' nor their 'management' were charged but the mom, who states she wasn't aware of what was about to take place, was. Unless there is proof that the mom facilitated the 'biting' of bared nipples, how is she responsible for that action ? It sounds to me that one of these dancers crossed the line. And, even if the mom provoked/facilitated that action in some way. how is the that the adult dancer is not held accountable for her own actions ? Even a soldier/police officer can, and is expected to, defy an unlawful order, no ? I have no dog in this race, just find it all pretty odd. BTW, if I was observed having 'mouth to breast' contact with a prostitute, if money was exchanged prior, could we both be charged with ... some 'crime' ? Not my cup o' tea, so ... Anyone ?


I have a huge problem with the mother not alerting any of the parents of the partygoers what their children witnessed. I understand that everyone has their opinions on whether this is right or wrong- but as a parent of two young boys I would be furious to find out that my child (yes 15 and 16 is still a child in my eyes) witnessed the dancers without me having any prior knowledge. To me that is deceitful and wrong. The dancers should have left and spare time hopefully learned their lesson also.


I thought it was against the law to publish minors who are a victim in the middle of a lawsuit? Also the lesson here is this mother obviously does not have control over her need for approval from her son. I seriously doubt any minors were damaged from this experience. I also doubt any of the kids complained without their parents standing behind them twisting their arms. What a mess. I admit though I cant wait to hear the verdict.


SamW - February 20, 2013 1:00 pmChange the gender of the birthday-boy and there'd be a whole lot more people in jail here. Nipple biting, crotches in faces, rubbing & gyrating...

WOW . . . . Sooo true Sam, I never really thought of it from that angle. Great point !

Admittedly, my exposure to this "incident's limited to what's been in "TPS" & seeing it hit the nat tv media.

BUT, D A Murphy won't likely base his good office's case on his statement that, "... this sort of 'entertainment' goes beyond the pale of what is appropriate for a 14-,15- and 16 year old child," will he? ... beyond the pale?

If this isn't plea disposed of/to a classic (very gentle) "slap on the wrist," what's next? Perhaps prohibbition of tv shows like "2.5 Men" would satisfy the morality police. Appears the only real damage here, if any, is & will be inflicted on mom. Endangering's a serious matter.

Pls. ADJOURN THIS 1 JUDGE, in contemplation of dismissal - UNLESS there's more evidence (a previous record, e.g.) than's been reported... or a future violation by mom of your Court order.

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