QUEENSBURY -- The Warren County Sheriff’s new armored military vehicle was discussed Wednesday at the county Board of Supervisor’s meeting, with one supervisor questioning the need for the vehicle and the “message” it sends to the public.

The comments pertained to a surplus U.S. military “mine resistant ambush protected” armored personnel carrier that the Sheriff’s Office received for free earlier this month, for use by the agency’s emergency response team.

Glens Falls 4th Ward Supervisor Bill Loeb said he had concerns that the vehicle marked a “militarization” of police and SWAT-type teams that could affect “quality of life” for area residents.

“I’m all for having a safe environment, but I think this has a negative impression,” Loeb said after the meeting.

Loeb said he had heard questions from constituents, including a retired U.S. Army colonel, who questioned the need of local police for a military vehicle.

Loeb’s questions were posed to county Undersheriff Shawn Lamouree, who was at the meeting to discuss other Sheriff’s Office issues but addressed Loeb’s questions and explained how the vehicle will be used.

Lamouree said Warren County Sheriff Bud York decided four years ago the Sheriff’s Office should have its own emergency response team to be prepared for whatever situations occur. While the State Police has a similar team, it is based in the Albany area.

“We didn’t want to wait for the State Police to come from Albany or wherever else they might be,” he said.

The MRAP vehicle is to be used only by the emergency response team for training and emergencies, and will be paid for through funds seized from drug dealers, Lamouree explained.

Warrensburg Supervisor Kevin Geraghty, chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, said he understands why questions have been asked about the vehicle but believes it can be of use.

But he said it will only be used in case of emergencies, won’t be funded by county tax dollars and will be a regional asset for neighboring counties since local police often help each other during major cases.

The meeting was the first time the board publicly discussed the vehicle since its acquisition was made public earlier this month. The Sheriff’s Committee did not take action on the matter.

The military is getting rid of hundreds of MRAPs by giving them to police agencies around the country, with those that aren’t taken being destroyed for scrap.

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Sounds like it was a good deal so why not??

ann oyed

Because somebody has to pay to keep it maintained, purchase parts when it breaks Fill the tank with fuel, It has to be insured, outfitted with all kinds of cool toys, etc, That is all on the cuff of the taxpayer. Just like all the four wheelers, boats, snowmobiles, bicycles,unicycles, etc just sitting around. Are they really needed?


Sounds like too much testosterone to me.


Just because it's "free" doesn't mean it's something we should have. Cost of ownership was obviously not considered. This gets 4mpg on diesel. If it isn't operated on a routine basis, the components deteriorate. It's already outdated, it outran it's useful life for the military. While not "junk", it will cost a lot of money for upkeep. This money comes from dug seizures, but would be better spent on everyday use items such as patrol cars that are new and will not be a money pit. The other issue is militarization of the police force. That's a whole other conversation. FWIW, there are more than a few local Troopers in the "special team" that will respond quickly in an emergency.


The trash plant sounded like a good idea too.


Supervisor Kevin Geraghty said he believes it could be of use and that it will be a regional asset. Why should Warren County provide regional assets when the county taxes are going up and people have been laid off? Seems like Geraghty has his priorities backwards. This is why Geraghty needs to be relieved as the budget officer. Better yet, he should be voted out of his position as town supervisor if he can't put his constituents first!!!


Getting ready for martial law are we?


the same government that says weapons of war shouldn't be available on our streets when referring to AR-15's, now are justifying putting an MRAP on our streets to protect the police in emergency situations. Hey, what about the rest of us law abiding citizens, what are we supposed to protect ourselves with during these emergencies, or from the crazy rioting mobs that the police apparently need this vehicle for protection from. Where can we each sign up for our own individual armored personnel carrier for protection.


Lets see no military "style" weapons for law abiding citizens but the county needs an armored "assault" vehicle.


Because now they NEED to build a $70,000 carport in which to park it. Bulls on parade...


There is absolutely zero reason for this vehicle.
Yes it was free, but the fuel and maintenance costs will be huge.

I think the sheriffs have been watching a few to many movies. We aren't under an enemy invasion or the zombie apocaclypse. What goods an armored vehicle do for a bank robbery or hostage situation. Even if there was a terrorist attack, it would just be a sitting duck.
It has no offensive capabilities, no turret and firing from gun ports in populated areas is beyond foolish.


when are the people gonna realize that this state is becoming a police state and that martial law is just around the corner


Just what they need,,, something else to inflate their already large egos.


All those who question - be sure to volunteer your services next time we have a hostage rescue situation - go in there with your flowers and treats and talk the wacko into giving up his illegal weapon after he hands over the kid. Right.


yea, thats an everyday happening up here. How many have there been in the last 20 years?


They need it to help keep us free from democracy...

UR Mom

and they will continue to harrass their own constituents, by writing more and more tickets to raise money for their departments. Double taxation.


Maybe Death Valley needs an amphibious boat, or an amphibious jet plane (Russia has made a few, but they have Lake Baikal, a lake up to 395 miles long by 49 miles wide by just over a mile deep (max). The amphibious jetliner can also scoop up water and douse wildfires. A rare bird. Not a propeller plane.
Maybe Alaska needs a bridge to nowhere, like the one Sarah Palin promoted until it became so politically-incorrect, she dissed it and assigned the money to be spent on some other boondoggle. Local yokel at a bar said, in 2008, how Sarah was so smart and good because she dissed the stupid bridge. Sure, have another Bud Light, ding dong.


Soldiers in the Middle East could have used it. Protect them from IEDs.


Yet another absurdity to add to the list of Things That Make No Sense. That being said, I refuse to comment further on absurd subjects that have no logical purpose.


It seems a little opulent! I guess we need to prepare for the Kenya style mall attack! And for the hostage standoffs, that we have weekly, this seems to be overkill, (Literally) I hate to say it doesn’t happen here, but the need doesn’t seem to justify the cost!


Why is it that York is able to get/buy just about anything he wants? The County tells him he can have no money for his boat to play on LG, so he cuts elesewhere, and does it anyway, Now he is buying US Army junk that has no use and saying it will cost nothing, but he wants a building to store it in. Someone needs to rein this guy in. He's running the sheriff's office, not his own private army.

Using drug money to pay for this thing is a total waste of money. How about using that money for something that will benefit the County instead of maintaining surplus junk that is going to sit and rust away unless York starts to use it to crash down doors to serve warrants


You know how we solve this problem? If someone else is going to run for sheriff then we ask him the question on what he thinks about making our police into a military force. If he say's he's against it and will work to eliminate these vehicles then we vote for that person and fire York and Lamouree. Problem solved!
Mr. Loeb is absolutely right, we do not need for our local police to be militarized. As usually the crap is we have to prepare, prepare for what all out civil war with the people. Did anybody else also notice they have a 13 member team, for what.
I guess in case of an asteroid hitting the earth we should hollow out some mountains for our safety. Maybe we should build some death-rays in-case of an alien attack.
With all that could have been done with that drug money and all the time they will be playing with their new toys don't you think real world stuff could be done with the time and money.


Three cheers Mr. Loeb. While many have expressed displease about this childish toy, you are the first to stand up and be heard!

Don’t tell me it won’t cost any tax dollars. Baloney! While no direct county dollars are being spent, you can bet we’ll have to buy other equipment that could have been purchased with drug assets if we hadn’t spent it on this junk. And by the way - those drug assets are supposed to be used to purchase drug interdiction and enforcement equipment, not to buy tanks and humvees to outfit Lamouree’s Third Armored Division.

Mark my words - the next time you see those vehicles they’ll have a fresh coat of paint and sheriffs decals, and Lamouree will be wearing his new battle helmet.

And Mr. Loeb, ask the Sheriff for a written accounting of all drug asset funds he’s spent over the last five and a half years. You’ll be shocked at what you find. I was.

York and Lamouree - an oak tree and an acorn.


Great decision by Bud York, great to be prepared. Don't let the comment section fool you, a lot of these people are single-issue wackos who never comment. They're the types who see chemtrails and think America is turning into a police state. They're the same people who criticized the police for going after an armed and dangerous terrorist in a suburb outside Boston.

There could be a day when armed terrorists find refuge in this area (Boston ones were on way to NYC, could have been detoured up here if there were problems, never know/and the 9/11 hijackers basically flew right over this area). If that Boston suburb was my neighborhood, you bet I'd want the police presence they had. Only a nut would say they wouldn't.
"Why all the police? What's the big deal, just a psychotic throwing bombs out of a car and assassinating random people. What's the big deal? So he's walking around our yards. Big whoop. The police are the problem."

Sigh, so sick of the wackos.


yea, you are right. All the violations of the Constitution in Boston were great. Just what we need here is York breaking down our doors with his mini tank.

I must have missed on the news how having a tank had anything to do with them getting the guy out of the boat he was hiding in. Oh yea, wait a minute. The cops missed him, and a homeowner saw it and let them know.


I'm so glad you brought up Boston, the same thing Sheriff York said to justify this vehicle, just look what happened in Boston was the quote I believe, Lets look at what happened in Boston. The entire town was locked down in martial law basically. Police units in their MRAPs converged on the suburb to order people out of their homes at gunpoint. All to find this 19 yr old male terrorist. If you haven't seen the pics or video of people being forced out of their homes with their hands in the air, you need to look. And all these unconstitutional acts failed to find him. It wasn't until after martial law was lifted that he was discovered. Now how did the MRAPS help out again? Keep your blinders on if you want Bingo. I'm not anti police, but we don't need a militarized police. If we accept this, then the terrorists have in fact won, making our society live in fear.


I think that York and his peers probably suffer from the "ex-trooper" or "ex soldier" complex After spending all those years as a or Trooper or military man they get used to all the fancy and expensive "toys" the State or Feds can afford to buy. Do you ever notice their fancy cars with the "cow-catcher's" or "brush guards" on the front of them? And the special Tahoe's that are built higher so they can look inside your car as they are driving by you (usually at 75 or 80 mph)on The Northway? And then there's the uniform and the wide brimmed hat they get to "strut" around in. They all seem to have that "strut" down perfectly because they all seem to do it the same way!And it's almost impossible not to see one talking on a cell phone or punching their little laptops while driving! So it isn't hard to understand why a big fat old army Humvee would make them get all excited like a little boy's first visit to Toys 'R Us!


Cj57. You are spot on buddy. The terrorists have already won. I hate to say it but America is no longer the land of the free

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