Amanda M. Adams, Chelsea Rene Alderman, Andrew James Azotea, Amy Elizabeth Baker, Gregory James Baker, Zoe Grace Bartholomay, Robin T. Bigelow, Jacob A. Boldt, Kyle Charles Bowe, Jennifer Deeann Bower, Paul James Brooks, Jr., Joshua Brower, Kristen Anne Brown, Tyler S. Bruce, Fredrick D. Brunelle, Reid Logan Burchell, James Carr, Raymond S. Carr, Christopher Carson, Seth Leon Carter, Tamarah L. Castrova, Hannah L. Chorman, Keith M. Cochran, Thidarat Deejoho, Jay P. DeGarmo, Michael A. DeGregory, Christopher DeLoriea, Lauren E. DelSignore, Stephen Durocher, Lindsey Marie Dziewit, Brian Scott Mykel Evans.

Also, Tina Marie Fish, Tiffany Rose Fisher, Zachary Timothy Fitzgerald, Thomas M. Foote, William K. Fuller, Veronica Gardiner, Carrie L. Golden, Alexander N. Golenko, Rebecka A. Gove, Eric Grassi, Sabrina M. Green, Bonnie M. Grooznack, Lindsay E. Hahn, Myles Haire, Benjamin J. Hall, Ashley E. Hamel, Bryan Hanley, Michael G. Hathaway, Amanda V. Homsey, Ashley M. Hotaling, Rodney F. Humiston, Nicholas P. Hunter, Katherine E. Ives, Caitlin L. Johnston, Sean Keeley, Madalynne S. Klebieko, Joshua B. LaBombard, Meaghan Mary Lagoe, Danielle L. LeBaron, James D. Limmer, Jr., Robert Loomis, Stephen C. Loomis.

Also, Ross K. MacNeil, Kelly K. Mannix, Amanda McEachron, Kayce A. McGee, Chelsey J. McKernon, Andrew Medick, Amber Lynn Merluzzo, Leah Eileen Mickel, Jessica Lynn Miller, Britny Leigh Nadeau, Jaime Marie Neaton, Andrew J. Oakes, Christian M. O'Hearn, Erin O'Leary, Dilan Omari. Brittany Page Patterson, Melissa Gabrielle Peregrim, Katelyn Marcia Clough Perkins, Grace Marie Picard, Katherine Plummer, Natasha Pomakoy, Jonathon E. Procter, Ashley Puglese, Daniel Quirk, Richard J. Reese, Angela R. Rennick, Collin J. Reynolds, Brendan D. Ricci, Toni R. Robinson, Joseph L. Rosa, Kathryn Elizabeth Ruhle.

Also, Michael J. Sarro, Raymond T. Sauter, Jessica Diane Sautter, Patrick E. Schroeder, Ryan Score, Adam M. Sequeira, Cory Alexandra Seymour, Alyssa V. Simmons, Neal-Robert Sinha, Lauren V. Squires, Mark J. Stewart, Andrew M. Stoltz, Rachel Stone, Morgan S. Sullivan, Rikki Lea Sullivan, Brianna Marie Tator, Chelsea A. Thomas, DaVon Raphael Thomas, Victoria M. Thomas, Heather N. Thompson, Lindsey E. Valentine, Tawni L. VanAmerongen, Sara J. Vernon, Aaron Vinsel, Nicholas A. Voell-White, Rudy Wait, Bethany Abigail Walton, Samantha JoAnn Weber, Ethan A. Weils, Amber L. Wilder, Samantha L. Willard, Morgan D. Wrisley, Jessica R. Yawman, Kayla Marie Youngblood.

Scholarships and awards

Valedictorian Medal & Teachers' Association Award, Amy Baker

Salutatorian Medal & Teachers' Association Award, Bethany Walton

Class of 1935 Raymond Thomas Carey Jr. Memorial, Zoe Bartholomay, Kelly Mannix

Science Key, Amy Baker

Sheldon Larmon Memorial Prize, Michael Sarro

The Michael Francis Nolan Jr. Memorial Prize, Amy Baker

The Alumni Prize (instrumental music), Amy Baker

The Alumni Prize (choral music), Chelsea Thomas

Town of Saratoga Awards, Meaghan Lagoe, Chelsea Thomas

The Commercial Key, Jessica Sautter

Social Studies Key, Amy Baker

The Michael Francis Nolan Jr. Memorial Award, Aaron Vinsel

Ronald DeVoe Memorial Award, DaVon Thomas

The Clarence Derby Memorial Prize, Cory Seymour

Robert Stark Memorial Prize, Jay DeGarmo

Tim Coburg Memorial Prize, Ashley Puglese

The Tim LaVoy Memorial Prize, Michael DeGregory

The English Award (English 12), Meaghan Lagoe

The English Award (AP English), Amy Baker

The Grace J.B. Vanderwerker Annual History Prize, Zoe Bartholomay, Amy Baker, Kelly Mannix

The Thomas A. Hathaway Memorial Award, Rikki Sullivan

The Paula Niemczynski Memorial Art Award, Hannah Chorman

The English Key, Bethany Walton

Mathematics Key, Amy Baker

The Old Saratoga Post No. 278 American Legion Award, Lauren Squires

The Daughters of the American Revolution Certificate for Good Citizenship, Kelly Mannix

The Schuylerville Chapter of the C.S.E.A., Dan Quirk

The Ondawa Local No. 624 Award given in memory of James Fitch, Jon Procter

The Floyd Taylor Memorial, Will Fuller

Old Saratoga Post No. 278 American Legion Award, Tina Fish

The Ellen Corrigan Memorial Award, Ashley Hamel

Saratoga-Warren Music Educators Association Award, Meaghan Lagoe

The Memorial Award, Robin Bigelow

The Steven Booth Memorial Prize, Mike DeGregory

The Knights of Columbus No. 1735 Awards,Amy Baker, Robin Bigelow

Robert Haley Memorial Award, Mike Hathaway

Carol Pignatelli Booth (Class of 1964) Memorial Award, Thidarat Deejoho

Peck Memorial Scholarship Fund, Chris Carson

The Herbert and Elizabeth Hamm Memorial Award, Caitlin Johnston

The Beatrice G. Karl Memorial Prize, Katie Plummer

The Edward & Elinor Hanehan Memorial Award, Chelsea Thomas

The Fred Hunt Memorial Award given by U.P.I.U. Local 155, Britny Nadeau, DaVon Thomas

The Fred T. Boyce (Class of 1942) Memorial Award, Katie Ives

The Jason Baker Memorial Music Award, Sabrina Green

The Jon Morris Award, Dan Quirk

The Brian Myers Sr. Memorial Award, Jon Procter

The Anne Dachnio Award, Lindsey Valentine

The Old Saratoga Historical Association, Kathryn Ruhle

The Old Saratoga Historical Association Scholarship, Brittany Patterson

Scholarship in the name of Omer Boivin, Caitlin Johnston

Scholarship in the name of Marie Boivin, Tawni VanAmerongen

The John H. Peters Scholarship Award, Fred Brunelle

The Dorothy M. Varney Memorial Award, Cory Seymour

The TGIF Dancer's Award, Jay DeGarmo, Chelsey McKernon, Tiffany Fisher

Curtis Lumber Co. Award, Aaron Vinsel

B.P.O.E. No. 2223 Elks Auxiliary Scholarship, Meaghan Lagoe

The Al Buhrmaster Memorial Award, Chelsea Alderman

The Ernest Anderson Memorial Award, Heather Thompson

Katherine R. Hopkins Memorial Scholarship, Sabrina Green

Angelo Gentile Memorial Award, Sabrina Green

The Second Hand Rose Awards, Bonnie Grooznack, Christian O'Hearn, Erin O'Leary, Alyssa Simmons, Sara Vernon

New York Lottery Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, Katie Plummer

Triple "C" Awards in COMMITMENT, CHARACTER and COURAGE, Thidarat Deejoho, Erin O'Leary

The Eric Stutz Scholarship, Stephen Loomis

The Susan Gilmore Heighton Scholarship, Brittany Patterson

Perfect Attendance Awards given by Glens Falls National Bank, Amy Baker, Bonnie Grooznack

The Daniel B. Wade 'Excelsior' Award, Lindsay Hahn

The Julia O. Wells Memorial Education Foundation Inc. Award, Britny Nadeau

The Revolutionary War Celebration Fine Art Scholarship, Hannah Chorman

The U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Awards, Tyler Bruce, Samantha Weber

Wilton Fire Department Auxiliary Community Service Award, Amy Baker

Saratoga County Deputy Sheriffs Benevolent Association Scholarship, Brendan Ricci

NYS Comptroller Achievement Award, Brittany Patterson

NYS Education Department Scholarships for Academic Excellence Scholarships, Zoe Bartholomay, Kelly Mannix, Robin Bigelow, Reid Burchell, Amy Baker

Army ROTC Scholarship, Raymond Sauter

NYS Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship, Amy Baker

U.S. Marine Corps Awards (athlete), Kelly Mannix, Mark Stewart

U.S. Marine Corps Award (music), Sabrina Green, Nicholas Voell-White

U.S. Marine Corps Award (scholastic), Zoe Bartholomay, Reid Burchell

"Good Kid" Awards, Paul Brooks, Toni Robinson, Ryan Score, Brianna Tator, Ethan Weils

Turning Point at Olde Saratoga Rotary Club Scholarship Awards, Keith Cochran, Kathryn Ruhle

Farms First Scholarship, Ray Carr

The American Red Cross High School Challenge Scholarship, Meaghan Lagoe

The University of the Cumberlands Merit Scholarship, Heather Thompson

The French Club Award, Sabrina Green

The NYS Credit Union League Scholarship, Meaghan Lagoe

The "Write On" Award, Britny Nadeau

The Citizenship Award given by the Fort Edward Lions Club, Amanda Adams;

The Schuylerville Community Theater Scholarship, Collin Reynolds


Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($200), Katherine Ives, Andrew Oakes, Katherine Plummer;

American Legion Auxiliary Award ($200), Brittany Patterson;

Old Saratoga Seniors & SCS Student Government Award, Kathryn Ruhle;

Schuyler Hose Firefighter Brian D. Myers Sr. Memorial Award, Raymond Carr;

Schuylerville Teachers Association Award, Stephen Durocher, Rebecka Gove;

Lois McLaughlin DuPrau Memorial Award, Eric Grassi;

CSEA of SCS & Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($150), Benjamin Hall;

Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($250), Jessica Sautter, Neil Sinha, Andrew Stoltz;

Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($300), Amanda Adams, Jay DeGarmo, Chelsey McKernon;

Class of 2007 Pennies Award, Zoe Bartholomay;

Schuylerville Lions Club Award & Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($200), Reid Burchell;

SPIN Fundraiser Award, Thomas Foote, Jessica Miller;

Class of 2007 Pennies Award, Melissa Peregrim, Grace Picard, Nicholas Voell-White;

Milton Larmon Memorial Award & Class of 2007 Pennies Award, Mark Stewart;

Schuylerville Lions Club & SPIN Fundraiser Award, Amy Baker;

Harriet Boex Memorial Award & Class of 2007 Pennies Award, Sabrina Green;

Home Lodge No. 398 Free, Accepted Masons Award & Schuylerville Dollars for Scholars Award ($200), Bethany Walton;

Home Lodge No. 398 Free & Accepted Masons Award, Chelsea Thomas;

Francis Walsh Memorial Award, Jessica Yawman;

National Community Volunteer Service Award, Morgan Sullivan;

Home Lodge No. 398 Free, Accepted Masons & Lois McLaughlin DuPrau Memorial, Meaghan Lagoe.

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