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Where tax cap was respected, school budgets find favor

2013-05-21T20:37:00Z 2013-05-21T22:55:37Z Where tax cap was respected, school budgets find favor Glens Falls Post-Star
May 21, 2013 8:37 pm

Returns were promising for school spending in the region, as voters were in an approving mood on Tuesday, although the budget in two districts that attempted to exceed the tax cap failed to reach the required super-majority.

Across the region, almost all budgets in districts where results had been reported passed by wide margins. All bus-purchase propositions on the ballots also passed, although one — in Ticonderoga — squeaked through by a narrow margin.

In Newcomb, although the budget passed, it did not receive the 60 percent majority it needed since the tax levy exceeded the state tax cap. That means, the school board will have to present a second budget in June for another vote.

The vote in Newcomb was 111 yes, 104 no.

In Minerva, where the school board also presented a budget that exceeded the tax cap, the budget was voted down by a majority, with 177 voting no, 144 voting yes.

In Queensbury, the budget was approved 1,019-310.

Warrensburg voters approved the district budget 244-135, and approved a bus-purchase proposition 277-89.

In Schroon Lake, the budget was approved 200-144, and school bus spending was approved 200-134.

In Bolton, the budget was approved 166-43.

In Granville, voters approved the budget 296-105 and approved the purchase of two buses 270-118.

In Fort Edward, voters approved a $10.4 million budget by a vote of 164 to 41.

Voters in Salem approved an $11.6 million budget by a vote of 263 to 83 and approved increasing the annual contribution to the Bancroft Public Library to $19,890 by a vote of 274 to 66.

The Indian Lake budget passed 180-46.

The Fort Ann budget passed 147-31, while a bus proposition passed 137-33.

In Lake George, the budget passed 732-327, while a bus proposition passed 738-329.

In Long Lake, the budget passed 112-28, and a school bus spending proposition passed 119-21.

In Corinth, the budget passed 393-161, and a bus proposition passed 137-33.

In Cambridge, the budget was approved 708-458, a bus proposition 637-518, and the public library spending plan 785-376.

Voters in South Glens Falls approved a $53 million budget by a vote of 950 to 363. They also approved spending $478,674 to buy four 65-passenger busses and one 29-passenger bus by a vote of 874 to 433.

In Ticonderoga, the budget passed 550-382, while a school bus spending proposition passed 458-431.

In Johnsburg, the budget passed 240-40.

In Greenwich, voters approved a $19.7 million budget by a vote of 389 to 224.

Voters approved spending $297,825 to buy two 71-passenger busses and one 24-passenger bus by a vote of 383 to 230.

In North Warren, the budget was approved 332-88.

In Hudson Falls, voters approved a $40.8 million budget by a vote of 475 to 93. Voters approved spending $350,000 to buy two 66-passenger buses and two 30-passenger busses by a vote of 445 to 108.

In Hadley-Luzerne, the budget was approved 356-146, a purchase of a minivan 323-118, the purchase of two school buses 321-177 and establishment of a fund repair reserve 317-167.

In Hartford, the budget passed 124-28, and two spending propositions also passed by wide margins.

In Schuylerville, voters approved the budget 639-265, a bus proposition 645-225 and the creation of a capital reserve fund 580-261.

In Putnam, voters approved the budget 54-17 and a transfer of cash to the capital reserve fund 61-10.

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  1. Bob1234
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    Bob1234 - May 22, 2013 11:48 am
    In a few years, we’ll be seeing stories in the news about the substandard quality of NYS local schools, as program cuts starve schools of funds. This will affect all local schools, but will be especially acute in the less-affluent districts. Fiscal conservatives and anti-government types will rejoice. But our children and communities will suffer. Thanks, Gov. Cuomo and the NYS Legislature!


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