A video posted online that appeared to show a Saratoga County sheriff’s officer slap a person he had stopped has led to suspension of the officer and a criminal investigation, police said early Saturday.

The video shows the officer, Sgt. Shawn Glans, cursing at the person he was speaking with, and the sound of what the videotaper alleges was a slap can be heard. Officers had spotted a rifle in the back of the parked car, according to the video.

The incident took place during an interview early Friday at the Route 9 Walmart in Halfmoon, according to Post-Star media partners WNYT-TV Newschannel 13. Deputies responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle, and found a car in a business’s parking lot with the rifle in the back seat.

Glans and another officer questioned two young men who they saw walk to the car, and a confrontation ensued when the owner refused to give police access to the vehicle.

“It is disturbing,” Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said of the situation Saturday. “The minute we heard about it, we began an investigation. We’re going to be upfront about it and deal with it.”

The one-minute, 25-second video begins when, it appears, a male individual starts recording as Glans is demanding to search the unidentified person’s vehicle.

“Ok, then it shouldn’t be an issue for us to look,” said Glans.

“But it is. It’s just not right that you just want to search my car,” the person said to the officer.

The end of his sentence was interrupted by Glans, who said, “We’ll get a (expletive) search warrant.”

The person said OK, and Glans asked if that’s what he wanted to do.

“If that’s the route you want to take, but there’s no reason you have to search my car. There’s just no need for it,” said the person. He then said he was not in his car and asked Glans why he wouldn’t want to search his house.

Glans sighed, “(Expletive) idiot.” Glans turned away briefly, turned back and said, ”Let me see your (expletive) keys.”

As the person asked why and said, “You can’t do that,” the camera angle tilted down slightly.

Glans’ face was then not visible, but his lower torso remained in the shot. He is seen raising his arms while asking, “You want to (expletive) resist?”

Glans’ body moved, aligning with a loud slap that is heard, and again asked, “You want to (expletive) resist?”

Keys can be heard as they are apparently tossed. “Search the (expletive) car,” Glans said.

The camera angle returned to show Glans’ face. His breathing appeared slightly labored.

“I really don’t want to stand out here in the middle of the (expletive) rain, said Glans.

“Neither do I,” said the person.

“So if you have nothing to hide in there, we’re just going to check and be on our (expletive) merry way,” Glans said. The person could be heard saying, all right during that exchange.

“Understand, (expletive)?” Glans asked, while pointing at the person.

The camera operator commented, “That was intense.”

“You like that, eh,” asked Glans. “I can get a lot more intense.”

When a comment was made, “Can you slap me around?” Glans replied, “I’ll rip off your (expletive) head and (expletive) down your neck.”

The camera next turned toward the operator, who looked at the camera and said, “Oh my god.” The video ends a moment after.

Glans has been suspended without pay pending a police investigation and disciplinary action of Glans’ conduct, which began after the video was posted on the Internet. Zurlo said a person who saw the video online contacted the Sheriff’s Office on Friday night.

No criminal complaint or charges have been filed,

but Zurlo said the investigation was ongoing and interviews were being conducted Saturday. He said a decision on a possible criminal prosecution is likely in a day or two.

A slap without an injury could lead to a second-degree harassment charge, which is a non-criminal violation.

“The Sheriff’s Office takes matters such as this very seriously, and we do not in any way condone anything less than professional behavior from our members,” Chief Deputy Richard Castle wrote in a news release. “We wish to thank the members of the community who brought this to light and cooperated fully with the investigation.”

The internal personnel investigation is ongoing.

Neither the other deputy nor civilian were identified in the release, which also stated no additional information will be released until the investigation is concluded. Zurlo said the Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the officer’s name because personnel issues are not public, but he acknowledged the officer is a sergeant.

Glans also works part-time for South Glens Falls Police Department.

Glans, according to a Daily Gazette article, was found responsible for a March 1996 on-duty vehicle accident that left a man paralyzed and blind. Saratoga County and the town of Wilton settled a lawsuit with the man for an undisclosed amount after a $60 million suit was filed.

Here is a link to the video that led to the officer's suspension. Be advised it includes language that may be offensive to some.

Don Lehman covers crime and Warren County government for The Post-Star. His work can be found on Twitter @PS_CrimeCourts and on poststar.com/app/blogs.

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I saw the video online. Of course the entire incident is not shown though. It's easy to pass judgment even though we don't know the entire story. I have to admit that what I saw did bother me.

Huey P Newton

Kingsbury can you please elaborate a little on your comment. You said the entire incident is not shown and how it's easy to pass judgement even though we don't know entire story.
Please explain to me how this would be alright if other factors where involved because I don't see how not knowing the rest of the story can condone this cops behavior. Please enlighten me on some possible unknown factors that could help in his favor.


Never said it was "alright", nor do I condone the behavior of the officer that I saw. I cannot truly judge any type of situation unless I know it in its entirety.

Frank Seepico

Ok so you need to know what?!!!

There is nothing to justify the cops actions. It's still a violation of the young man's civil rights and the young man was also assaulted was he not? So what ever happened before that does not matter.
Don't be silly


The cop slapped a guy when he refused a search of his car. Then took his keys and performed an illegal search. You can find the video on liveleak.com.


This is why so many people hate law enforcement these days. I know there are many good cops out there. Yet people believe their constitutional rights are being trampled on and these countless videos only add fuel to the fire. This isn't this cops first time in trouble and I hope he isn't welcomed back. How can a public servant slap his tax paying master in the back of his head and demand to search his car? What is wrong with this country?


Is it even worth asking why the other deputy at the scene doesn't say anything or pull him aside? The problem isn't just the one deputy...


It is disturbing to note that the other officer that was off camera,did no seem to be concerned at all by the unprofessional actions and demeanor of the officer in the video.


And if there hadn't been a video, the other office would have sworn blind nothing untoward happened and the out-of-control sheriff didn't 'slap' the person. So typical.


Just another edited, inconclusive video that automatically makes the cop look bad. What happened to put his actions into play. Not I don't like it, but whats more offensive is that everyone draws a conclusion from it. That the vast majority can only comprehend what they saw, not what lead to the assault. Conclusion; Hang him high.

Huey P Newton

StraitnNarrow please give me a narrative in which could make this video inconclusive. I'd like to hear it.
I'd like to know what could of justified this because according to you we shouldn't be quick to judge.
What led to the assault? REALLY?
So please explain.


It doesn't matter if the entire incident was recorded or not. The 'subject' was not hostile or disrespectful in anyway, and did not appear to be a threat to the officer. No matter what went on before the taping. the cop behaved in a totally unnecessary and unprofessional manner. I'd be aghast if the 'subject' didn't file a lawsuit!


I guess when people talk about "the long arm of the law," they're not kidding....


Good one!


Saratoga County, get your wallet out; you're going to be paying this kid some money. If he has a good lawyer, it's going to be a lot of money! All cops must wear cameras. This will protect the good cops, and get rid of the dirt bags.


As a law enforcement officer my self i can understand how an officer can lose his cool and maybe say something stupid. But this is beyond unaceptable. This kid did nothing wrong by refusing the search of his car. This is another Example of not only an officer but a sergant with over 10 years on the job who beleives the bagde makes him stronger than he is. I guarentee he was the kid who was made fun of and tormented his whole life. Became a cop to show his power and authority. Honestly i do not wish he loses his job if he has a wife and family they do not deserve to suffer due to his stupidity. But i hope his punishment is harsh.

Huey P Newton

You hope is punishment is "harsh" you hope he don't lose his job?! Are you kidding me he should not be above the law. He should be charged with first degree assault and civil rights violation and thrown in jail. Forget about suspension and getting fired but this man should be charged with assault!
Had I done that to you I would be charged with "assault" You think?


Absolutely! If the roles were reversed in this story, this kid would be facing at least one felony. . . . at least!!
We can't slap an officer of the law around and threaten them verbally "because we had a bunch of stress lately". Neither can they to us. Actually the charge should be elevated because of the position and authority law enforcement is entrusted with, same should be true for law makers...


Chief Deputy Richard Castle wrote... "We wish to thank the members of the community who brought this to light and cooperated fully with the investigation." I'm pretty sure the generic 'we' doesn't include most of the sheriffs in town.


It does NOT matter if this video was edited or not. No one, not even police, have the right to verbally and physically ASSAULT anyone who kept their hands to themselves. Two words: LAW SUIT. No way would I ever allow anyone, badge or not, to treat me like that. I hope this cop is fired and prosecuted. If that was my son, I would lawyer the hell up.



Just my point of view

Sadly this is becoming more common it seems. These cops ruin it for those that do it right. This cop was completely unethical and why most prefer not to allow a search because if their that out of control who's to say he's not the type to plant something in the car. That would be my concern running into such a cop. As well as why Id say no deal get a warrant even though I have nothing to hide.
More n more the evidence shows some cops consider themselves above the law. Very few believe in the innocent til proven guilty in a court of law. Just watch any cop show esp when their is multiple ppl in a car they presume all are guilty because they find an item in a car in no ones possession.
The good officers need to start stepping up and talking to these guys.
We as a society should not see an officer and feel threatened.


Most people don't realize that you can refuse a search... Including the cops. Anybody defending this guy is an idiot. No matter what led to the point where the video starts, the deputy acted irresponsibly and should be charged with assault... At least.


I do not condone the police officer's behavior, however, I do believe he was set up. It seemed like they were acting. They were egging him on in order to get a rise out of him and ultimately got the result they were looking for. The guy tapping it had a smirk on his face as if if he was satisfied with the result.


nothing wrong with providing the rope with which someone chooses to hang himself. Make no mistake... if a couple of young guys can goad an officer into showing his true self then the officer hasn't got the strength of character for the job. A police officer must have more self control than that. We're giving him weapons... AND if there was another officer there witnessing this abuse... then he should be canned too. Zero tolerance for violations of a police officer. They HAVE to be exemplary otherwise, we really don't need them and we certainly don't need to be supporting them financially or any other way. Good riddance, he deserves to be fired. period. There are LOTS of guys out there who would do a really good job. Let's give them a try and this guy can be a janitor somewhere... in a prison perhaps.


Who cares? It's an officer's job, let alone a sergeant, to follow the law. Regardless of what happened before or after, the officer blatantly violated the 4th amendment rights of the victim and assaulted him.

Hope he likes directing traffic.

The Bleeb

LEOs are trained to have restraint. Even if they egged him on, there is absolutely not excuse for that behavior. None. The Sheriff was the aggressor.


actually me and my friend were doing no such thing as to "set him up" i started recording because Officer Glans was very verbally abusive and i thought if any thing was to happen who would believe a couple of kids over an Officer of the law. but it just so happens he had not seen me recording and i was recording to protect the rights of me and my friend which i don't think is a bad thing to do seeing to how we captured him physically assaulting another human being without the victim presenting any threat to him or anyone else.
thank you very much btw he could have followed procedure and obtained a search warrant which would have been the appropriate action at that time.
thank you very much


I think Feisty brings up a good point. The officer wasn't belligerent at the beginning of the video. You were smirking at the end of your video. I have seen this type of recorded refusal of "just cause" before. The incident involved a stopped individual who refused to consent to roll down their window more than an inch to speak to an officer...Your friend had the right to refuse consent to have his car searched. But, after the officer insisted to the search, after refusal of consent and resisting search, I believe your friend was wrong to obstruct the officer to do his job; as if your friend (and you) were attempting to purposely goad a negative response. If the officer had found something, your friend would have been able to get a lawyer to suppress what was found and charged for, under illegal seizure. If your friend had nothing to hide, and even if he did, if your friend after refusing consent had allowed the officer to search the car, it would not have escalated to this.


So if I refuse to let my civil rights get trampled because a police officer insists on doing an illegal search, then that said officer should go ahead and smack me around? Stop defending these actions they are wrong.

something is wrong

You do not have to roll the window all the way down , just enough to hear him and hand off your license, registration and insurance card. Refusing a search or to respond to questions is not being disrespectful ! It's your Constitutional Right!


The sad part is that he really IS suspended just for the video... not for assaulting a citizen who pays his salary... oh, and the citizens who pay the SETTLEMENTS made on his behalf for hitting another citizen head-on while driving recklessly.
This clown is a menace. There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY crime committed by a police officer. ZERO TOLERANCE for bullies, because that's what this guy is and that' ALL he is... a bully... with a gun (and a tazer) and a big hand that slaps people. If there were no video tape, this guy would be tap dancing and lying saying this kid was the cause.
My dad was a cop... a GOOD cop. There are lots of good cops but more and more we're getting these bad-seeds... the same type to torture insects and kittens... all grown up and CONTINUING THE BULLYING on into "adulthood" FIRE HIM. Do NOT pay him one more penny of MY MONEY. I DO NOT SUPPORT BULLYING, nor assault nor even BAD LANGUAGE from a public SERVANT


We certainly don't need a person with that kind of attitude to serve and protect. He should be fired what kind of investigation do you need look @ the video.


SGF police had better cut there ties with this so called tough guy cop as well before they wind up being in a lawsuit or have a similar situation.
It's obvious this man uses his badge in the wrong way. Can you imagine what else this officer has said and done in the past!!!!


i am so sick of police bashing...they are here to protect you and rid the world of criminals...they deal with every bit of scum everyday...if they go a little overboard so what...maybe if only cops had guns to begin with we would be better off....instead of cutting this man some slack everyone jumps on him..i wonder how many are criminals that are bashing him...but oh if your house is being broken into or your mom raped or someone stole your car you will be the first to call the cops and want them to help you for free. grow up and appreciate them already. oh and stop breaking the law and you will stop disliking police...i respect them and like them...criminals not so much.


Explain how this guy was acting in a criminal behavior, explain how this patrol officer is ridding the world of criminals? Explain in detail what this type of police officers job is; serve and protect, hand out tickets, traffic stops, excessive speeding and nearly killer a man pushing around kids in a mall parking lot, what's next he shoots a kid cause he is black. I understand respecting the law but not this way.

UR Mom

Newshound, I hope this is satire. If not, you are saying you'd like to live in North Korea. Police are always right. Who cares if they break the law. You would call them if your mom was raped. GOOD LORD, please be a joke...........


Bull, they are here as an after the fact response. If you desire protection from some scum bag you had better provide it yourself. Cut him some slack, he needs someone to slap his butt around, he is not a good cop period. I have resect for good law enforcement officers but not for power tripping idiots


"If they go a little overboard so what." Seriously? I'm not sure which is more alarming, the scenario that occurred with this officer or your callous statement. Still shaking my head over that one. And just f.y.i...they don't do their jobs "for free". We all pay for their assistance in time of need.


just for the record...

In 1996, Shawn Glans - the cop in this very video - was driving 3 times over the speed limit, crashed into oncoming traffic and left a guy blind and paralyzed with permanent brain damage

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=290_1415427089#XsrPx3dXCQWFy3p7.99


Not a real exemplary record. This guy'c cost Saratoga County millions in the past...



No wonder people have little respect for police officers. Unfortunately this story does not portray the actions of all police officers. There certainly are good upstanding officers that do deserve our respect but as the saying goes "one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel". I have been stopped by an officer and I was treated with respect even though I was in the wrong. But if I was ever treated like the young man in this video I would have a very difficult time keeping my cool. Fire this officer and show us that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated!


I don't care if he was "set up" or not, there is no excuse for his language or slapping this kid. He was way out of line and should be fired and arrested for assault. It's no wonder why people are afraid of the police.


You think our police protect us for free? I believe you are confused most people pay what they call TAXES! This is not a volunteer job and NO I WOULD NOT WANT THIS OFFICER TO BE INVOLVED IN ANY MATTER protecting me or my family, it is so clear his level of PROFESIONALISM and his past situations deem him not fit to serve and protect anybody. There are plenty of good officers here not to judge all but to stand behind this one is almost as ignorant as the officer. What if they did find some illegal activity or did catch the bad guy, any lawyer that could count to 10 would have this thrown out not to mention a lawsuit once anyone saw this video..


Newshound, im sure your stance on this situation would be a little different if an officer violated your rights. Yes, police deal with the scum everyday, but it does not give them the right to go on a power trip and smack/slap a person, and then illegally search his vehicle. I will bash that type of cop any day of the week. Unfortunately for them, people are armed with cameras and are exposing the bad ones like the scum that they are.


When a comment was made, “He slapped me around,” Glans replied, “I’ll rip for (expletive) head of and (expletive) down your neck.”

this statement is heard incorrectly i personally took the video and what i said was "Can you slap me around" and then glans replied "ill rip your head off and (expletive) down your neck."


Hey kid, If your friend ever hopes to sue for this gross violation of his civil rights, you need to stop publicly talking about the incident. You could be putting his case in jeopardy. Just advice.


To the "punk kids" that made this video: You need to be concerned for your own safety now. The officer has already threatened to "rip off your f--king head and sh-t down your neck". Take it seriously! He is in a precious situation now, having been publicly ridiculed and made an object of public scorn. His wife has attempted to come to his defense, e.g. in conversations with the Times-Union, but that has been ineffective. This Officer now finds himself in a situation where nothing seems to matter, where life for him seems to be going nowhere. He could easily convince himself to carry out the threat he made (and that you recorded!) to "rip off your f--king head(s)". TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Now is the crucial time. Leave! Leave until he is taken into custody! I urge you because I have studied this phenonmena and have seen it happen before....


This post could be read as a threat, from a 3rd person perspective, especially how you start your post. Is that you officer Slappy???

Smh confused

Wow totally unprofessional. My father was a warren county sheriff for many years. That officer gives good police a bad name. Glad this was caught on camera


To the apologists and trolls,

wonder about the slippery slope,

like some of these wonderful drug busts on 149 and the Northway.

Not arguing that some of these people should be thrown down a hole,

but I've asked this before.

So what if a person, knowing they have a pound of whatever, heroin, crack or fuzzlepowder,

gets asked if they would voluntarily submit to a search?

Does anyone really think they would just say "Yes officer, please search my car, go right

ahead and send me to jail for 15-30"?

It is sad, but

I think this goes on many, many times more than we might think.

Funny, this Veterans Day a lot of us think about traveling 10,000 miles to fight for God given democratic rights of others,

perhaps better we should consider standing up like soldiers and patriots again and fighting for the rights of our neighbors.

When we fight for the civil rights of our poorest, or youngest, or gendered, or most offensively colored, we fight for the rights of all.

Take care, Brother


I cannot believe an officer in this day and age does not assume he is being recorded when 100% of the population (especially under 50 years old) has a smart phone on his person!


Why does everyone seem so shocked about this? This type of behavior goes on all the time with law enforcers. They cover up, lie and does whatever it takes to get their man or protect their man. Just last week the case of Landry inGF who was the center of a marriage dispute was tormented for two yrs. by his exes boyfriend a GF cop, or how about the young man driving drunk and his passenger was seriously hurt and wasn't even given a breath test at the scene because of being related to prominent law enforcers. I agree with maven, we should stay home and protect what is ours first before their is nothing left.


[Sgt. Shawn Glans'] wife, Carrie, who is a medical provider, said her husband has been under a lot of emotional and physical stress and that she's concerned how the video and any fallout may portray their family in the community. "What my husband did and how he reacted wasn't the correct way to do it, but there were circumstances that came about beforehand," she said. "He's had a very hard year." (Times-Union)

I'm not sure that these statements to the press are really helping Sgt. Glans' case. Just another example of why people need to carefully consider the ramifications of what they say to the press.


The wife's statement could lead people to infer that the officer is emotionally unstable. Actually, making excuses for what is admittedly wrong behavior, damages his credibility, and implicates him of improper, maybe even criminal conduct.

something is wrong

Then he should of went to his superiors and stated he was not fit for duty. He should of got a psych evaluation. No more excuses for his behavior the citizens get none.

A citizen

I have never thought Saratoga Deputies were very professional, especially in regards to basic constitutional rights. They tend to want to cow those under their control, as this video shows. What about the other officer present? That officer seems to have done nothing while this was happening. Its scary to think there is someone out there, with a gun, who believes he has the authority to make decisions of life and death, by his own hand and as his mood seems fit.

Saratoga County Sherrif Zurlo is the one ultimately responsible. I suspect his training program is not up to standards, or just given lip service and is ineffectual.

This also show why militarizing the police is not a good trend.


We all have bad days,months even years but in no way does this give anybody the right to act like this especially when your job affects the public. Sounds to me with personal issues and a tarnished past this officer needs to find a new career.


XNMC stated, "You need to be concerned for your own safety now. The officer has already threatened to "rip off your f--king head and sh-t down your neck"

XNMC went on to say, "This Officer now finds himself in a situation where nothing seems to matter, where life for him seems to be going nowhere. He could easily convince himself to carry out the threat he made (and that you recorded!) to "rip off your f--king head(s)". TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!"'

XNMC, I hope you're wrong, but it's certainly possible.

A parallel example involves the Navy Seal who publicly clams to have killed Osama bin Laden. That was a very stupid move! If a Jihadist doesn't in fact kill him, and I suspect one will (even if it takes 10 years), that Navy Seal will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.


Will stay out of Saratoga unless you want a face slapping!


Every good cop I know is in complete agreement; this jerk is an embarrassment and totally out of line. If he isn't fired for this he should resign. He has single handedly given a lot of exceptional fellow officers a huge black eye.
Too bad we can't violate his civil rights for a while and see how much he likes it.


i just saw the video. you can't do anything today without a camera watching you. why would this police officer do such a thing. signed, jim coughlin.(i don't hide behind my computer)


Beth Coughlin - 19 hours ago
i just saw the video. you can't do anything today without a camera watching you. why would this police officer do such a thing.

Because he is not very smart?

Just a guess, a lot of them aren't.



now featured on CNN feeds.

day late, dollar short, and they say the name has nor been released


" UR Mom

Let me explain how this incident would play out if it was not recorded and they found something in the car:

The officers would charge the kid with possessing whatever they found and sign a sworn complaint and claim they were given consent to search. The case would go to trial and the defense would be that the officers did an illegal search and that all evidence should be thrown out. The kid would be convicted because the public actually believes that police officers don't lie and that if it comes down to he said, she said, they believe the officer."

I don't know how any reader could actually be stupid enough to believe these dealers would actually consent to a search of their auto,

when they knew the car contained drugs.

Are people just stupid, maybe we are a nation of sheep,,

yes officer, please send me to jail officer, thank you officer, sir.

SOB's running the system count on us being cowards,

they are rarely disappointed.


This is our finest? I am not surprised at all. The exact same thing happened to DJ Lanning. The cops that arrested him man handled him too, leaving bruises on his arms etc. Entered his house without a warrant and cursed at him and called him degrading names . A shame DJ Lanning didn't have a guy taking video for him. This is a great example of the Cop Culture in our region, these guys think they can do anything and treat people anyway they want. And why shouldn't they when they have a Judge that will dismiss the charges "in the interest of Justice".. ... thus insulating the city and the county from litigation.


-Most career law enforcement officers can retire at age 50 with 20 years and at any age with 25 years depending on where they work. This is because it is a dangerous job and requires an individual in good physical shape and mental health.
- Viewing this video, I can see that this officer has failed miserably and am in shock that an individual in such poor physical condition could be serving. It is clear that he uses bullying to overcome his weaknesses, in this case using intimidation and threats to circumvent the legal process.
- In the news, we are reading that he may face harassment charges; this might apply to two civilians having a physical slapping incident, the but here is a "peace officer", entrusted and sworn to uphold the law, serve the community.
-If this officer does not get charged with violating the constitutional rights of the victim, then the law has failed in Saratoga; this has clearly been accepted behavior on their police force.


Two stories in the same week about a citizens constitutional rights being violated... first this guy having his 4th amendment right of prohibiting illegal search and siezure and the DJ Lanning having his 6th amendment right of a fair and speedy trial by jury. Do any of these law enforcement officers, Judges and DA's even understand what they are taking an oath to do when they say "defend and protect the constitution"?

Why is this being accepted?

This is out of control


Another guy with his constitutional rights infringed upon! Two in one week....

Read this one and know that we have a problem with law enforcement in this state!


She's a Bishop

This needs to stop. These so-called "public servants" serve no one but themselves! Very similar to the Justice that David D.J. Lanning received. Read the following and you will see how deep the corruption runs.



I'm glad this was posted on cop block website where I first found it. I've told so many people know your rights and record!! So many men and woman in law enforcement today are using the badge for bad. YES there are decent police out there but lately it seems everyone is crooked. They get so mad when you know your rights and even nicely refusing makes you out to be the "bad guy" in any situation with an officer. He does not deserve to wear a badge! He does not deserve to "serve and protect " because he's not doing that, he's being abusive and he's obviously on a power trip! I'm glad this is out in public so all can see now! I hope he gets what's coming to him and maybe, just maybe others who wear a badge that do this and have not yet been caught will think twice before doing it AGAIN because I know I record everything even when I get pulled over, these days I'm taking no chances!!

UR Mom

If you are ever in a situation like this, pull out your phone and record. If nothing else it will ensure that officers check themselves.

Let me explain how this incident would play out if it was not recorded and they found something in the car:

The officers would charge the kid with possessing whatever they found and sign a sworn complaint and claim they were given consent to search. The case would go to trial and the defense would be that the officers did an illegal search and that all evidence should be thrown out. The kid would be convicted because the public actually believes that police officers don't lie and that if it comes down to he said, she said, they believe the officer.


Will the other officer be suspended as well? He also performed the search of the car. Has this 'officer' been suspended from the part time SGF police department position? He suffers from PTSD! Why is he a police officer?


'scuse me, I've worked with PTSD since the 70's, before it was called PTSD.

There are more than a few dangerous cops out there with PTSD,

but I think his problems are more deep rooted than that.


Pretty good odds this hot head has a history of 'blowing up' and abusing his authority. With his obvious anger issues, he's the last individual who should ever be allowed a firearm.

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