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LAKE GEORGE — A group of residents on Route 9 are pleading with the town of Lake George to consider extending sewer to their section of the community to improve the environment.

The area in question is on Route 9 north of the village near the Warrensburg town line.

Mike Lanfear appeared before the Town Board on Monday to make his case.

“I’ve been trying to get sewer up through that corridor for 30 years,” he said.

Lanfear said it is an environmental and health issue.

Because of failing septic systems, sewage is entering English Brook, which can feed into Lake George.

It is also a matter of equity with the residents who live along Route 9 south, who have gas, sewer, water and sidewalks.

“We have nothing,” he said.

He asked the Town Board to ask Dan Barusch, its planning and zoning director, to work on the issue. He would like to get things started so that once the village of Lake George has its new treatment plant, the town would be able to tie in.

Gloria Ford, proprietor of Green Acres Motel, said the lack of sewer is hurting the community.

“Our property values are decreasing because of this,” she said.

Resident Mike Seguljic said he supports extending sewer to protect the lake. The town needs to pick up the pace because, he said, the quality of the water is declining.

“It’s green. It’s disgusting,” he said.

He said the town knows where the septic hot spots are and needs to correct deficient systems in those areas.

Board members said they favor extending sewer service, except for the cost.

Deputy Supervisor Vincent Crocitto said even with a 50-50 cost-sharing grant, he believes a district, similar to the Caldwell Sewer District, would have to be created to pay the cost.

Board member Marisa Muratori said the town is working with the Fund for Lake George on a study of septic systems to identify the weak areas around town and the feasibility of putting in sewer where it makes sense.

The town has been installing slip lines in its system to prevent any leakage.

Board member Daniel Hurley, who lives in that district, said the taxes would be substantial in a new sewer district.

“My bill for the Caldwell Sewer District is two-and-a-half times my town taxes,” he said.

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