GLENS FALLS — With a blue candy cane sticking out of his mouth, Jaxson Fish raised his painted airplane up with pride.

The 3-year-old spent Thursday afternoon painting a football player, a gingerbread house picture frame and two cars, mostly in his favorite colors of blue and green.

Jaxson enjoyed the rainy afternoon with his mother Heather at Mini Masterpieces, a new business located in the Shirt Factory on Lawrence Street.

“We always try to find something to do on yucky days,” said Heather Fish, who first saw the new business at an open house at the factory. “It’s good for kids and the price is great. They have quite a few things to choose from.”

Owners Magen MacDavid-Potter and Meghan Howard, who have been best friends since fifth grade, spend their summers finding fun activities to do with their toddlers, but always find it a challenge in the winter.

“What can we do with them in the winter that’s affordable?” MacDavid-Potter said, adding with a laugh, “Next thing I knew, I had 250 pounds of sand in my garage for sand art.”

Customers at Mini Masterpieces are greeted by a glittered floor and a variety of arts and crafts. Besides the popular sand art station, the business boasts spin art, wood crafts, painting, ceramics, ornaments, a chalkboard and a stuffed-animal stuffing machine.

They also offer finger painting, but with yogurt-based paints, in case toddlers decide to sample the colors.

“If they eat it, you’re not going to be upset,” MacDavid-Potter said.

The owners tried to create a fun environment, where kids and parents would both feel comfortable.

“I feel like it’s definitely very welcoming to kids,” Howard said, adding, “If they want to color on the walls, we can always wash it off.”

Before he left Thursday, Jaxson helped the owners and their kids, Brody and Mia, decorate the Christmas tree at the studio. MacDavid-Potter said she felt like Jaxson was now a friend, exactly the type of business she wanted to have.

“We’re pretty excited how it turned out,” she said.

Mini Masterpieces held its grand opening ribbon-cutting at noon Tuesday at the Shirt Factory, Studio G5.

Jane Badger from the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce welcomed the new business to the chamber.

“I know it’s been a labor of love and commitment by both of you,” she said.



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